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  1. only the way with using newspaper?Just like our teachers tell us to clean the window with using newspaper.Anything else?
  2. wangjack

    Motorcycle Racing

    motorcycle Club, Forum.google search by intitle:motorcycle Club or forum
  3. wangjack

    How to choose wiper

    this post will be end.
  4. wangjack

    Car price value history

    i only find this,cant help you... https://www.dmv.org/buy-sell/selling-your-car/vehicle-pricing-sources.php
  5. Check Fuel pump relay then fuel pump..
  6. wangjack

    choosing my first car

    so that is reason why i can see the car of Japan everywhere.
  7. wangjack

    Hyundai and Kia Build Quality 2018?

    i like Hyundai.
  8. wangjack

    Airbag Light On

    maybe you can see this link and have a check,https://www.carsdirect.com/car-safety/troubleshooting-an-airbag-warning-light