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  1. I'm a 17 year old high school senior who will be going to college downtown in Chicago next year. I currently drive a 2015 mazda 6 which is a great car but I don't want to bring it to Chicago because it will get dinged (It's bound to happen) and it's a pretty expensive car. I also want to work on my car, like change suspension, spoiler, bumpers, other ricer stuff, etc. I couldn't do that on the mazda 6. I'm looking at getting a Lexus IS300 just because they look pretty sexy, they seem reliable bc of the 2JZ, and I've seen lots of nice modded ones. Also I mean it's a pretty nice car right? It's an old one but it's still got the moonroof, other nice features. Anyway, can someone help me out with choosing this car? Are there any things to avoid? Look for? Thanks,
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