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  1. Hello everyone, I've been looking for a used car with a budget of around 5 grand. I've been mostly looking at early 2000s cars with mileage roughly 150k. I want a Japanese car (Honda or Toyota) as they are known for reliability and I don't really want the thing to break down on me, as is always a risk with such an old car. The thing will be driven a considerable amount: I estimate 15k miles a year, in large part due to a 600 mile (10 hour) round trip almost every weekend. I started out looking at economy cars like the Corolla, because they're cheaper and have good fuel economy, but the problem is that I am concerned about safety and comfort in such a small car. I'm going to be driving the thing 5 hours at a time so I really would rather be comfortable. So I did some research and decided an early 2000s Lexus RX 300 was a good idea, because of its larger size and greater degree of features and comfort, in addition to being a more powerful, substantial vehicle on the road. The problem is that it gets bad gas mileage and I'd probably have to use premium fuel, which with the amount I'm driving will result in large added expense due to gas costs. Does anyone have any recommendations as to how I can get a car with the benefits of that Lexus over an economy car (larger, more powerful, more substantial, more comfortable) while perhaps keeping costs down a little more? Or does anyone have experience with the RX 300 or a similar car and think I'm worrying too much about added gas costs? Any input is appreciated. I'll provide other information about the situation upon request.