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  1. HRW27

    Porsche 944 na or Lotus 7

    Hi Chris, A big thank you for taking the time and for your advise. I should be going on a breakfast run with the Lotus 7 club in Johannesburg on the 18th of Feb. So things are slowly coming together. Warm regards B
  2. Hi to fellow petrol heads and auto aficionados, My name is Brian and I am new to the forum. Really dig the topics and the useful banter. The question I wanted to ask: Buying a properly sorted 83 Porsche 944 n/a or a replica Lotus 7 (2.0 Lt) Ford engine. I am kinda of torn between the two... can't afford both at this point in time and the 944 Turbo's are scarce and very expensive in South Africa. This would purely be a weekend ride. I am more interested in the vehicle's handling than outright straight line speed. I'd appreciate any advise and opinions. Thanks everyone. B