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  1. I'm looking into buying a budget car for around $3250 ish or less. I found Craigslist to have people who want too much, and I've checked the local used car dealer ships and narrowed two from them I'd consider. The first car is an 02 Chevy Blazer 4dr, with 4 wheel drive, and 4.3L v6, 159k miles for $3150. I want to see if I could maybe talk down the dealer to maybe $3000 even. Good deal? The second car is an 04 Chrysler Concorde LXi, 3.5L v6, 114k miles for $3350. I was hoping to talk down to $3000 even, but I doubt it, and was hoping to go for the lowest price possible, but can do msrp. Think it's a good deal? I know jack shit about cars and was wondering if those two cars are good deals and your thoughts on them. Are the cars reliable, any known problems and are they good deals, if not, what cars would you recommend for that price range or just a bit higher?