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  1. I was really hesitant to purchase a car online, but being in college and juggling two jobs makes it virtually impossible to find the time to shop for a car. And when your 2001 Ford F-150 takes a dump on you in the middle of your semester, you really don have a choice. First of All, Carvana made it very easy to find the car I wanted and at a somewhat descent price. I was looking for a Subaru Crosstrek XV and most of the ones in my area at local dealers were all 20k+. Carvana sold me mine for much less than that and luckily I took advantage of their Cyber Monday sale where you can take $1,000 off of a car, but the real kicker was the carfax. Naturally, they provided a free carfax, but the car was essentially perfect. 1 owner, major service every 30,000, new tires, and no accidents reported. Carvana is able to get these cars in good shape and sell them for a lower price because they buy cars that were under manufacture lease directly from the manufacturers or dealers. Additionally, they delivered the car within 2 weeks of me putting a $100 deposit down and it was FREE DELIVERY. Overall, my experience with Carvana was a great one and I would recommend them to anyone who is tired of putting up with the dealership B.S. If you have any questions or are on the fence about Carvana, feel free to DM me. DM ME FOR $500 OFF A CAR AT CARVANA.COM