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  1. I have a 2000 Oldsmobile, Bravada. Its starts up every time first thing in the morning and it drives completely fine. Once its starts to warm up outside, really anything about 60 degrees F (I live in NC, gets up to 100 degrees F) it will not start after being drove. When the temperature outside is less then 50 degrees F , it doesn't cause me any trouble, it starts every time, but once it starts getting into the 60-80s it will start fine for the first start of the day, and i can drive it anywhere, usually 20-40 miles. But once I drive that distance and let it sit (say i have class for 2 hours), it will not start! it will fire and sit at 500 rpms for half a second and shut off. I have been to 4 different mechanics and paid $600 to one and it never fixed anything. 1) The first one said its a BCM problem. 2) The second one said its a bad intake manifold gasket. He said when the engine gets too hot the antifreeze leaks into the carb, basically flooding the engine when its warm outside. 3) The third mechanic said its a bad starter. I do not believe this to be the issue because it starts first time everyday and everytime when its cold outside. 4) The fourth said it could be a bad ground comb connection not sure about this one because i cant find the ground comb.