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  1. My car has been sitting in my driveway for about 7 months and I am now trying to get it working. I had to get the o2 sensors replaced so i can get the car emission tested for license plate renewal. Had a lot of issues with that process so its been sitting for a while because I wont drive illegal. Now the o2 sensors are replaced and the check engine light is gone, but the car starts when it wants to. If I go start it it may start and more often than not will do nothing, lights on the dash come on like always, but no click, nada. I may go out and try again 2 hours later and it will start right up and run for a while, after several times of restarting it it will eventually die while running and then not start up again. I tried smacking the starter a little and swapped out the starter relay but didn't have any noticeable effect. When the start issues began I had the battery tested at Autozone and it tested bad, got it replaced under warranty, so the battery is literally brand new and the battery cables are nice and clean. Not sure if someone might be able to give me a sanity check as to what the issue might be. Thanks in advance.