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  1. Hi guys I’m a new member. I’m 18 about to graduate high school and am looking to buying a used car for college to not only get me down there and back home which is about a 4 hour drive mostly highway, But also drive around in town. So I want something with good gas mileage around 30 mpg highway give or take a little so it’s probably gonna have to be a 4 cylinder. I also am a car enthusiast that likes to drive a manual and like at least a little bit of power. I also want preferably 4 doors since it tends to be cheaper on insurance. Also awd would be great in case of bad roads or I just get a little squirrely. I’m looking at a budget of like 5-6 grand so it can be older and it can be a little beat up but so far all I’ve come across are Subaru wrx and Mitsubishi Lancer. Any other ideas???