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  1. Hi. I am new in the states and currently looking to buy a used car in $5000 range. I looked for some cars and found that in that range I can buy 2000-2003 Mercedes C/CLK/E with aroung 200k miles on it, or 2007 Nissan maxima or 2005 Infinty G35 with around 225k miles or 2007 volkswagen Jetta with 100K miles, or maybe Chevy Cruze, or Ford Focus with lower miles ~100K, or 2005 Mustang with 86k miles. But im not sure which one is worth buying. Which of these will require the least service and maintenance, and could go at least a year on that car (I understand that it depends on many factors but still, want to have general knowledge ,which one is more reliable). I'd appreciate everyone's opinion and it'd be great to listen from people who had a used car, their's year make and model and their opinion about the car. Do you have any other suggestions? Thank You each and every one. Hayk.