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  1. Well here's the story. I originally bought a 15 hellcat modded it did meth injection Kooks headers 2.65 pulley and the whole thing. I got it up to around 800WHP and it was definitely a blast. Unfortunately about 2 months after all the mods the engine pretty much failed and Dodge would not help me after all the mods and the engine bieng tuned they pretty much laughed me out of the building when I suggested warranty work so I ended up getting rid of it and buying a 17 GT350 which I absolutely love but I'm kind of feeling a little underwhelmed by the power. It's handling and everything else is night and day compared to the Hellcat but I do miss the power. I'm thinking perhaps the best of both worlds would likely be a corvette. I am definitely looking to stick with american they just appeal to me the most. I really don't think i'd consider anything else. What do you guys think? I really don't wanna start modding the GT350 either because to be honest I'm a part of the facebook group and they seem to have enough engine issues just being stock so I am NOT trying to void the warranty and deal with the mess I had with the Hellcat. One of the main reasons I didn't look at a corvette to begin with is because I'm 6'4 and many people have told me I might not even fit into one so that's a concern. I do admit I should have looked into them before buying the mustang. Like I said I love it but the power is kind of underwhelming especially in the lower RPM's. Anyone that has a GT350 with the 5.2 FPC engine know's what I am talking about it just doesn't have that torquey feel the hellcat did. I've even thought of maybe going back to a hellcat and just leaving it stock. I would of course go to a Demon if I could afford it but that's just a touch out of my price range at this point. I'd love some opinions.