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  1. Hello all! I own a 2001 Ford Focus and have run into issues with the car stumbling when accelerating after replacing the O2 sensor in bay 2, the fuel pump, and fuel filter. I also replaced spark plugs, cables, and ignition coil. I know it’s a lot of parts but my car wouldn’t start a while back. Now it starts great but now I have the new issue. The O2 sensor was the last to replace and I drove it for about 90 miles mostly on highway. The whole trip, I had issues accelerating because the car wouldn’t increase power and stumbled. I had to stop pressing down on the pedal for the engine to stop stumbling. when I arrived to my destination, I stopped at a red light and my engine shut off. I was able to quickly restart it and there was no issues accelerating after that. Now, the car runs okay under 45mph but does stumble accelerating after that. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can provide more info if needed.
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