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  1. Hi was wondering what’s reason why most people change car over at the warning signs instead of keeping them going and getting every last bit out and driving them till the engine or transmission gives up, a couple years ago had a car that everything was going on it engine was pretty good so was gearbox but everything else was going around it, one week it was something and next month it was something different sort of thing and it was never ending, then sorted that batch out and had wheel bearings go at front and the people found suspension parts needed replacing and said it might be time for another car so had a think about wether really wanted to keep going or if it might be time to give up, so decided to keep going and do a bit more. Then engine gave up and got another car for a daily and going to get similar for weekend car and do it up. can think of following reasons why most change cars earlier and not keep them going till the engine gives up. 1. Even though a loans more expensive than continual repairs it’s easier for some to manage. 2. Don’t want to deal with continual repairs. 3. Want to be able to go somewhere that they can’t with the old car due to constantly needing stuff or not wonder if the next thing will go while away. 4. Inconveniently needing more repairs & don’t have time to deal with them. 5. Reason 3 and also some too busy to deal with constant repairs. 6. Cost money that could be used for something else. 7 any other reasons? 8 don’t want to be in a hurry to buy a car and end up with wrong one thanks
  2. hiwas wondering how youd get a ef fairmont with 311,000km as reliable as a newer car (au or ba ford or hyundai terracan/santa fe) reliable enough to plan ahead or take people at no warning.asking because it currently needs some repairs and cant afford all repairs at once and can only afford bit at time and just put up with it.the aircon doesnt work and the heater only works when it wants to but it needs other work before those, and also oneday itll need a proper fix for the head gasket(hae decided to just get another second hand engine when we get to that), and needs suspension work (struts/bushes/steering rack) and also needs new power steering hose and pump (already have those just need rack and some fittings and its that sorted), and just little things around the engine too.also needs some wiring repairs toocan get access to some cheap parts off a mate soon hopefully and getting spare control arms so the bushes can slowly be done then just swap whole thing over same with uprightshow could you be able to deal with it all if youve decided to hang onto car and keep going. other than that you cant beat the good old x and e series fords they just dont diealso what makes a 01 terracan with 133,000km more reliable wouldve thought theyd age in time as wellalso what makes a 2012 challenger with 170,000km more able to tow larger or heavier caravans without running hot than a 94 jeep cherokee with nearly 400,000 would it just me modern tech?Also what’s the reason why a lot of people don’t drive their old car till it completely dies.Is it because they have family that live away or like to take trips and not have to worry if it’s going to make it or is it because they become a hassle in some way, what are your reasons for not driving them till they die. asking for someone else