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  1. The thumb rule of changing the car engine oil every 5000 km has become obsolete. Newer synthetic oils can go for longer durations without needing a change. You can either stick to the service schedules that dictate how often and when the oil needs to be changed, consult your mechanic or simply let the oil monitoring system in your car do its job. When it comes to changing oils, the more is not always better. Experts say frequent oil changes have no impact on the engine life or performance. They are not needed. In fact they are uneconomical and a waste of oil. Additionally, the waste motor oil coming out of your vehicle is an added hazard to the environment. Hence, it is always advisable to stick to the recommended intervals.
  2. As far as transmission oil changes are concerned, the modern transmission can go for years and thousands of miles before requiring a transmission oil change. As you said, the make of the car does not matter, once the interval is reached, it is always advisable to change the transmission fluid. In your case, what you can do is ask the seller for a service history of the car. If the transmission oil was changed privately, might be he has a receipt lying around. If not, then go for a transmission oil change. However, make sure that you stick to the grade and specs of the oil that are listed in the owner’s manual. You can also reach out to the company regarding this information.
  3. There are a few factors to look at to know if the vehicle is reliable for long travel. Some of the are: Latest engine Updated mechanism Modern technology Efficient air filter Smooth functioning headlights Sturdy tires for all kinds of terrains Long battery life Most of Toyota's cars tick all of the factors mentioned above. The new Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular vehicles of the brand, especially when it comes to long journeys.
  4. An upcoming vehicle is the 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid which is rated at 52 mpg combined (53 mpg city, 52 Honda Insight highway). The 2018 Toyota Prius comes with the addition of ‘Hybrid AWD-I’, which is Toyota’s first all-wheel-drive hybrid system. The vehicle has an additional electric motor that operates on the rear axle, at all times when the car detects low-grip situations below 44mph, and when pulling away. The 2019 Camry - a Toyota hybrid vehicle can be driven under electrical power leading to zero-fuel consumption and carbon emissions, or by combining a petrol engine and two electric motors based on driving behaviour and vehicle speed.
  5. You have taste mate, Hilux is a good choice. Hilux 2019 has many added features and packs even harder punch. Price is different in different countries and regions plus there are various models and add-ons, it would be difficult to tell you the cost without knowing these details. You can log in and find the price for your preferred model and also find the closest dealer to visit and find out if are running any independent discounts and schemes.
  6. You will get genuine auto parts at an authorized Toyota dealership. There are many online auto spare parts websites that sell auto parts of different manufacturers, but it is advisable to avoid them as their quality is hard to determine. Hence, it is advisable to get arts from an authorized dealer as the parts are certified for quality.
  7. I am a dealer of passenger vehicles in Dubai and want to expand to KSA. Is it a good market?
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