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    Being with the boys out in the garage with my ratchet in hand. Nothing beats that. Better than being with the GIRLS lol

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  1. Holy fucking SHIT look at that car bro!!!1 I swear to god i never see cars like that in fucking warsaw LMAO. Whos in it is that ur friend??? kinda cute but NO HOMO lol lol I can't really help u with the whole light issue but shit i would have u over to my garage to handle the ratchet and really go to town on me with my car. Anyways freegearhead4L we are happy as hell to u have u hear brother i swear to god this community is the bedst, uif u learn ANYTING today its that its MEN ONLY!!! LMAO!!! ! Keep ur wife ouf of the room when ur posting becuase this ones FOR TE BOYS!
  2. Did we ever figure out the Firewall Gromet Issue?!
  3. Arsen01 OBVIOUS TROLL IS OBVIOUS LMFAO LMFAO! MODS please ban this guy?
  4. Chroizo you know it bro i'm all about cars lmao!!! Love it... ur a DUDE im assuming???? not a woman!? LMFAO LMFAO
  5. HEY BOYSSSSSSSSSS. Wow it's so sick to be here. I've been a lurker for years and I'm just now getting the stones to create an accuont an contirbute to the convo! A little about myself... im a 32 y.o. dude from warsaw who just loves rolling around in my Kia having a good ass time. I've been "racing" cars since 07 when I got this Kia. I mean I'm not aan "official" racer but ive never had a problem speeding up to get in front of someone if i need to get off an exit or some shit. i dont care lol also ive done plenty of times where im going 45 kmph in a 35 kmph zone here in warsaw and never even got pulled over for it. There is an element of guilt involved with that tho. part of me hates that i race cars like that but honestly racing is in my blood i think. fuck it. Anyhow what else bros. I freaking love working on cars. I'm constantly messing with my forte. me and the boys can hardly wait to get home from work and go straight to my shop. Big part of that for me is just having somewhere to BE AWAY FROM THE LADIES lmfao. If theres one thing ull learn about me is that I love being with the boys. Just time for the boys and me to talk cars... smoke cigs... drink beer.... watch porn... doesnt matter. just love being with the boys away from our women. I think EVERYONE here can agree with that shit. Theres no better feeling than being in my boys with my garage. Ratchet in hand and boys in the room and im smiling. Only thing better is being in my fucking Kia. Fucking love cars and love this community more than anything ive found. Thanks guys let me know whats up and thanks for having me here. Make sure everyone knows the rules!! NO GIRLS ALLOWED LMFAO
  6. HOLY SHIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!! OH fuck me that is to fucking dope dope dope bro. Listen... everyone seriously listen. watch the whole video... look around... what do you see...everywhere????? men.... see any women??? FUCKING NOPE!!! CARS ARE FOR TE BOYS!!! I lvoe this shit this video got me so hyped up im going to take the forte out for a fucking spin right now.... and guess whos not coming? MY FUCKING WIFE LMFAOOOOOO Love this fucking community boys keep the videos coming FUck ya
  7. Attach a picture from under the hood. I freaking love that sh!t. LOL but seriously im always working on cars with my boys so if you attach a picture with how it lokos under the hood I garuntee I'll be able to help you and probably even end up solving the problem. I love this forum by the way everyone has been really freaking cool. I especially love all the guys who are tlaking about cars and racing and sh!t like that. It's just nice to have a place where us guys can go to GET AWAY FROM OUR WOMEN LMFAO am i right?! Alright anyways let me know if you have those pictures thanks and ill try to help!
  8. I guess it's worth it. I race my Forte through Warsaw and the baby purrrrrrs. LOL! Love the kia cars but you can't go wrong with what u said. Just gotta be careful raciing. Honestly love this community guys keep it up. I Actually really love racing with the boys. Just the boys outside racing through the freaking streets. So nice to get some time away from our WOMEN!!! LMAO LMFAO i love that stuff man great community nice job ... keep the cars clean boys! LOL
  9. Like Chris said can we get a couple pics of the actual hoods?
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