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  1. I think now it is more advantageous to take the basic trim level. First of you could install there an Android head unit with Navi, video etc. and pay less. For trim levels with factory navigation, you can't install such device. I have one and I think it looks great.
  2. justalex

    Sound system help

    I have this one
  3. justalex

    Help me out here.(2014 Audi 2.0T)

    I also think it is worth to buy it.
  4. I think the mechanic will propose you some variants and the price than you could make research and decide
  5. justalex

    multimedia system to honda frv

    I have installed aftermarket multimedia in my CRV 2007 http://smarty-trend.com/honda-cr-v-2006-2011/382-honda-cr-v-2006-2011-android-car-stereo-navigation-in-dash-head-unit.html If you want I could send you the photo how it looks like in my car.
  6. I think the truth is on your side, if the price for a basic trim level is 12000, and you will not get more, you don't need to pay more.
  7. justalex

    Saab or audi? Which should I buy?

    It depends on the condition of the cars and their age of course.
  8. justalex

    Automotive Technology Trends in 2018

    Only flying cars will surprise me
  9. justalex

    firewall grommet?

    Hi, try to find on youtube "Firewall Grommet Entry for 2016/17 Ford" maybe it helps.
  10. justalex

    What is it?

    It really looks like Acura Integra )
  11. justalex

    Sound system help

    Hi, maybe some head unit will be a good variant for you. I don't think that it will be the factory one for your car, but maybe some universal one. I have the smarty trend head unit in my car and I am satisfied the quality of sound.