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  1. So I was wondering, in your opinion, what are the best materials to work with when it comes to car bodies? As someone who's really interested in mechanical engineering and metals and such, I would really like to hear your thoughts! Here are mine: Steel: Probably the most used material when it comes to car manufacturing. However, most car bodies are not made of stainless steel and are therefore suspectible to rust and corrosion. A popular and cheap way to fix this is by galvanizing steel. (For those who need an in-depth explanation, here you go). Bascially, you put on another layer to protect the steel sheet. Steel is so popular because of the variety it comes in. While some claim that it can be heavy and expensive, it depends a lot on which steel grade we're talking about. There are many cheap and light steel grades out there. Plastic: Cheap and does not rust. However, plastic has a somewhat bad image because it doesn't seem as hard as other materials. Plus, people just don't think that plastic is high quality. Plastic is very easy to work with however and is used for many exterior car parts nowadays. Also, it's not as soft as people might think: Its hardness should be enough for everyday usage. Aluminium: Unlike steel, aluminuim does not rust. However, it's much more expensive than steel. Expensive makes like Audi use aluminium for example.
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    Looking for help buying a used car

    that's still a cheap price but you can definitely negotiate and get a better offer.
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    Cześć from Warsaw!!!!1

    your interests are so funny
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    Best Laptops?

    I don't really use laptops for that but good luck mate...
  5. To all racers (and non-racers), I'm doing a research project on energy caused by friction when using brakes too hard. It's no secret that braking sharply can have negative effects on brakes as well as tires. And I am particularly interested on the tire effects and how much energy is created by an abrupt stop - and how high the temperature must be on the surface and other layers of the tires. Furthermore, I'd like to analyze if and where there are differences between front and back tires, left and right. So I was wondering if anyone in this car forum has maybe already done a project like that or has ever heard of something like that. If you have please let me know. Or if you're interested even. I have even acquired thermal analysis tools by Linseis and I couldn't be more excited to work on this. Ultimately, I hope that these results could help improve tires and brake systems some day in the future.
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    Rust on side door

    It's more than rust- there is some deep damage, which is why the rust came through. Rust is difficult because it can spread. To prevent this from happening, I'd take a look into Borinox treatment (https://www.edelstahl-haerten.de/en/). I've used it before (I'm a car mechanic) and so far everything I've used Borinox on has been nothing but great. Very scratch resistant and haven't seen a particle of rust ever. I don't know if it's available everywhere so just go ask them I suppose.
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    Second Hand Car Buying Checklist

    Oh thats nice Im going to give this a try the next time I or someone I know is looking for a new car.
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    2007 Jeep Patriot Intake Manifold

    It can be quite serious but I'm not sure as I would need to see how bad it is. Therefore, I don't know how much it could cost but I'd ask around a your local mechanics and you might get an estimated guess how much it could cost you
  9. Does anyone here have experience with coupling rods? I am considering replacing them because mine are rusted and old. (Bums me out because it has only been a few years...) nI have a 2009 Toyota Corolla by the way. I was thinking of hardening the part myself by using Ekabor, a boronizing agent. According to its website, ekabor paste is pretty high quality and improves hardness and wear resistance. I haven't ever heard about something like that before. Has anyone ever used a boronizing paste like Ekabor? If so, would you mind sharing how it's done or if there are tutorials online?
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    Which car for a trip?

    Wow that color is atrocious. Otherwise seems like a good car. From the ones OP listed I'd go with the Opel one though
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    Military or Veterans Discount?

    No idea, sorry ^^