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  1. Matt McLeod

    Hyundai Santa Fe with blown engine- fix or replace?

    How do you all like the Santa Fe? My friend is looking at one, Ive never driven one myself
  2. Matt McLeod

    Which new car is best?

    Hi! I agree with the above post, Nissans are reliable and have some juice behind them. They feel sporty while having the reliability of a sedan. Maxima would definitely be a solid call, and you the design on the new models is really nice.
  3. Matt McLeod

    Is leasing Lexus CT200 a good deal

    Leasing a car really depends on where you live and how many miles you drive. Most leases have mileage limits. That will be a good determining factor for you
  4. Matt McLeod

    The Evolution of the Modern Truck - Infographic

    Man that is crazy. We've come a long way. Suprises me that Ram can pull the most, I would have guessed Ford or Chevy. Good to know
  5. Matt McLeod

    BMW M5 : first look

    Man looks sweet. I better start saving my dollars and cents now
  6. Matt McLeod

    Geo Metro Vs. Honda Civic

    As a self-proclaimed not-punk, I have to say I love the civic. My brother drives one and its pretty great He can be a punk though...maybe you have a point
  7. Matt McLeod

    You have $150,000.00 to spend.

    Can I go with the Aston Martin DBS? I'm just out here tryin to drive like James Bond you know
  8. Matt McLeod

    Nintendo Switch

    Its tough, I would recommend checking Gamestop or BestBuy as well, Gamestop rotates their stock frequently They have been out for a while, so you also may be able to find a slightly used one on craigslist. Good Hunting!
  9. Matt McLeod

    The "List all your cars" thread

    2001 Ford Ranger Pickup Truck Manual 2005 Toyota Rav4 2015 Ford Fusion 2014 Honda CRV In that order, I didnt realize I've owned 4 cars already...loved all, Fusion was a company car and probably my least favorite. Ranger was my first car, special spot in my heart
  10. Matt McLeod

    First Time Buyer - Help Needed

    Hi ejack, I recently purchased my first vehicle and was in the exact same situation. I did a ton of research on various models, SUV v Sedan, FWD v AWD, etc. I ended up purchasing a used 2014 AWD Honda CRV, for the high mpg and the reliability of Honda cars, especially the CRV. My aunt owned 2 different CRVs and never had any problems. If you are looking to spend less and get a reliable car, the two cars I always hear about lasting forever are used Toyota corollas and used Honda civics. If you can find a mid-2000s model with reasonable mileage and pricepoint, that is a good way to go. ***Also, as a first time buyer be aware that many dealerships have First Time Car Buyer programs. For example, I live in North Carolina and bought my car at Lejuene Honda in Jacksonville NC partly because they offer a First Time Buyer Program (<-- details there) for people who have never bought from a dealer before. They took care of me and I got a big discount. Defintiely something to keep in mind and look for as you look to purchase. Hopefully that helps, good luck with your purchase and an advanced congratulations on purchasing your first car!
  11. Matt McLeod

    The Best Car

    My favorite car I've had was my 2005 Toyota Rav4. I loved that car, drove it into the dirt. The fuel economy on the newer year models isn't quite as good though, so when I bought again I went with the CRV, stayed in the SUV family.
  12. Matt McLeod

    who do you think is better ? japanese v american

    Personally I prefer non-American manufacturers. I drive a used 2014 Honda Civic (named Hobbes) and I love it. I drove a Ford Fusion for a company car a few years ago and was not a big fan. Nothing against American manufacturing, but I if I get another car I'll probably stay Honda
  13. Used Corollas are solid, used civics are great too if you want to look at those. My friend still drives his '01 civic and that thing will never die. Has never given him any problems. I would try to get one under 150k miles if possible. Sorry for your situation, I hope you find a reliable ride.