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  1. Hello! I dont know if this is the right place to ask this, but here goes anyway. Ive had the ABS light on now for about 2 months, and a car mechanic diagnosed the problem as an ABS sensor fault on the rear right wheel, but since it seems to be impossible to get a hold of one in Finland, one has to order from abroad. He seems to think that the price is 125-200e for one sensor. I tried searching online for any information regarding the ABS sensors for this particular car, but couldnt find anything really. Does a car usually have 4 different ABS sensors for every wheel? I could find front wheel sensors online easily for much cheaper than what the car mechanic asked for, but rear ones seemed much harder. I also asked another chrysler dealer repair place here in Finland, but they said the price would be in the range of 200-500 euros (230-560ish usd) just to change one ABS sensor (the part included in the total sum) To me it feels like these prices are a bit too high.. but yeah. Any information on the the subject would be great! Jonas