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  1. Hi Guys, I have a Mitsubishi lancer 2002. The car key I have is with central-locking. I don't have much experience with car keys. The central locking is not working from the keys. Can anyone please suggest what can be done?
  2. But there are many crap products in the market. They are useless. Any brand if you could recommend?
  3. I think the problem is due to engine. Call the nearest mechanic please.
  4. The price may vary on location to location basis. In perth, I would have charged minimum AUD 80 per hour for this job.
  5. I always put a two liter bottle full of water in my car every time. :-)
  6. Hi, My name is Sam. I have passion for cars. I am car mechanic in Perth, Australia. I am very excited to join this group of like-minded people here. Cheers!
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