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  1. Hey everyone, I was looking to buy a lancer and I found 2 that I'm interested in. One is the 2011 Lancer GTS with the 2.4L engine, Manual Tranny, the upgraded sound system, and navigation for a list price of $7,900 with 78k miles. The other is a 2009 Lancer Ralliart with the 2.0T engine, Automatic Tranny, and the stardard radio system for a list price of $7,000 with 122k miles. I want to go with the ralliart but, I do want a manual as well also the miles are kind of high on it. What should I do?
  2. Ronnaldio

    Lease Benz or BMW

    My father has the 2013 ml350 and I've driven it plenty of times and its amazing and reliable. My friend owns a 2012 x5 and he has had some problems with the engine. Personally I think the Mercedes will last longer but, honestly both brands after they get 7 or 8 years old start to cost a ton on maintenance so if your looking for a long term vehicle then I would get a honda pilot or toyota 4runner something like that.
  3. If I were you I would go with either a 2005-2009 Ford Focus Hatchback or a 2002-2007 Mazda 3 Hatchback because they both are commonly used as rental cars so you can find some good deals on them for the price you need and I believe the Ford goes 0-60 in 10 secs and the Mazda 3 is 7.8 or 7.5 something like that.
  4. Ronnaldio

    New Rims Install Problem

    Yeah doesn't look stock for sure, have you tried taking the bolts off and see if you can remove that plate?
  5. Ronnaldio

    Advise on a fun cheap car.

    Thanks for the advise but I'm looking for something more powerful than that and by cheap i mean cheap to insure and repair.
  6. Hey Everyone, I'm 16 years old and getting my license next week. My dad is allowing me to spend 6k-8k on my vehicle and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out a fun, cheap, and reliable car. My dad does knows about the WRX, Evo, 350z and muscle cars, he said I can't get them, also he said no German cars because the parts are expensive. Any ideas (don't mind if its Manuel or Automatic but Manuel would be more fun.) Thanks!