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    What is in car emergency kit

    As anyone who has ever broken down on the interstate, or even worse, on a rural back-road. There are few situations remotely as helpless and frustrating. Virtually all vehicles come with a basic car jack and spare tire, however, there are countless situations where these necessities are exceedingly useless. There are plenty of tried-and-true tools to have at your disposal when you break down, and even a few lesser-known gadgets and tricks. With these helpful utilities, you’ll be able to stay cool under pressure, even if you are a little overheated under the hood. Here are seven essentials to pack in your car's emergency kit. #1 Reflectors One of the most dangerous aspects of being stuck on the side of the highway is the risk of collision with passing vehicles. Placing reflectors at successive distances behind your vehicle will help warn other drivers and create a buffer between your vehicle and oncoming traffic. #2 First aid kit If you're involved in a minor collision, having a first aid kit at your disposal is crucial. Be it a car accident or a misstep on the trail-head, gauze, bandages, antiseptics, and pain relievers are all handy items to have around during an accident. #3 Power bank with a flashlight The power bank with a flashlight is one of the most important items in any emergency kit. Whether you're changing a tire roadside or simply trying to flag down help, a little light can go a long way in an emergency. Power bank gives your cellphone more juice power. Tattu 10400mAh power bank is a good choice. #4 Fire extinguisher When dealing with combustibles such as gasoline, it's probably a good idea to have a fire extinguisher handy. After a car crash, a small fire can escalate into a much bigger problem in no time. #5 Ponchos Breaking down is bad enough, but having to change a tire roadside in the rain is even more frustrating. While a basic poncho probably won't save your life during an emergency, it will certainly make your life easier if you need to walk a small stretch in the rain to find help. #6 Stinger USB Emergency Tool The Stinger USB Emergency Tool is certainly something to have at your disposal when things go awry. After a major accident, car doors and seat belts may be jammed. The Stinger packs a powerful punch to shatter the dashboard or nearest window allowing you to quickly exit the vehicle. The backside of the device incorporates a blade to cut through a malfunctioning seat belt as well. #7 A Car Jump Starter When you car battery bad, you can use jump starter to starter your car. Also, most of the jump starter includes jumper cables, that are so great if there are other cars nearby to give you a friendly jolt. The Tattu Car Jump Starter is one of the most reliable options on the market. Anything else?
  2. If you have two car jump starters: One is large, the peak current is 1700A; The other volume is small, easy to carry, the peak current is 400A. For you, which one you prefer to choose a large current or a portable jump starter?
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    For sale car parts

    Tattu portable 400A Peak 12v 12000mah auto car Jump Starter power bank battery charger with Built-in Flashlight and Safety Protection, Power Supply Booster Battery for 3.0L Gas and 2L Diesel Engines Up to 30 Times on a Single Charge. - Power: 400A Peak 12v - Capacity :12000mAh - Vehicle: 3.0L Gas and 2L Diesel - Input: 15V , 1A - Output: 12V/8A, 5V/1A , 5V/2A - Output Voltage at auto start: 12V - USB Output: 5V - 2A - Charge Mode: CC/CV 15V-1A - Start Current: 270A - Peak Current: 400A Used some times, are you interested? More details here: https://www.genstattu.com/tattu-400a-12v-12000mah-jump-starter-power-bank-battery-charger-led.html
  4. Although many people think buying a jump starter isn't a big deal, the reality is quite different. There are some factors you need to pay attention to before buying a portable jump starter so that you can avoid any unpleasant surprises. Buying a portable battery isn't the same as purchasing a bottle of milk; there are a ton of variables and important elements included in the equation. Here are some of the things you should pay attention to before opting for a particular model. The power The most important thing you need to look for is the sheer power of the unit. Manufacturers usually include "cranking" and "peak" power values. Peak amps refer to the highest current value the starter can burst out. For example, a product with 1000 amps of peak power will deliver a thousand amps in the initial burst. However, the value drops significantly with each try. As the current decays with each attempt, it loses consistency and starts using what is known as the cranking power. As you might assume, the cranking power refers to the stable current which can be delivered if extended cranking of the engine is required. Therefore, the cranking power is usually the more accurate representation of a particular model's capabilities. Safety Protection As with any other product, the safety is one of the important factors to look for. However, because you're dealing with electricity, make sure that you opt for the safest model. The things you should pay attention to are: Short circuit protection Over-current protection Overload protection Over-voltage protection Overcharge protection As you can see, every feature has an "over" prefix. It means that these units are easy to overuse if they lack protection. However, the products that have these preventive mechanisms can be left unattended without them being dangerous for the environment, and most importantly - your car's battery. Auxiliary features Many units have some additional features such as an air compressor or a flashlight. If you want a 2-in-1 or even 3-in-1 unit, pay close attention to these additions. People who are often on the road usually need both illumination and an air compressor for deflated tires. You can't expect a professional service out of these additional options, but they are still enough to act as a first aid. Also, if you're looking for multiple charging ports for smart phones, tablets, and more, it's a good idea to check whether the unit you've chosen can charge other devices. Where to buy? As we know, Tattu portable car jump starter has 12000mah high capacity, and the best price. 400A peak current power supply booster battery for 3.0L Gas and 2L Diesel Engines Up to 30 Times on a Single Charge. And also built-in flashlight and safety protection, multiple charging ports for smart phones, tablets and others.
  5. My car's battery dies couple days ago because I forgot to turn off the light, cannot start the car battery. And fortunately, my husband bought me a jump starter a half year ago.This little guy jumps start my vehicle instantly! It was easy to operate and don't need to ask someone for help. It is a great gift for me.
  6. A Large car jump starters have been in the market for the past few years. But with advancement in technology even smaller jump starters are becoming more common in the market. The best portable car jump starters are not only designed to fix your battery, but also are designed to convenient and safety. #Top1 Tattu 12000mah jump starter car battery Tattu jump starter is a multi-function car jump starter. Tattu portable car jump starter has 12000mAh 12V 400A peak with built-in flashlight. Power supply booster battery for 3.5L Gas and 2L Diesel Engines. Capacity: 12000mah Power: 400A peak 12v Vehicle: 3.5L gas and 2L diesel Weight: 1.5 lb #Top2 PowerAll portable jump starter This little guy had the power to power a 12 volt car or truck. Although this review is all about car jump starters, the PowerAll really powers all. It has USB ports so you can charge your other electronics like a iPhone or tablet. Capacity: 12000mah Power: 400A peak Vehicle: 4.0L gas and 3.0L diesel Weight: 1.0 lb #Top3 Juno power - Pocket-Size Portable Car Battery Jump Starter Its lithium polymer battery is 6,000mAh and makes enough power to charge any car battery. Juno is another pocket sized jump starter that is necessary for hiking and camping. But the price is to high. Capacity: 6000mah Power: 300A peak 12v Vehicle: 4-Cylinder and 6-Cylinder engines Weight: 1.4 lb
  7. Although use the jump start car battery is easy and common, but there a number of risks inherent in their operation. So before purchasing a jump start car battery, you'd better check to see that jump start car battery safety systems. What jump start car battery safety features you need to know? Let us to see. 1.Short Circuit Protection Short circuit protection possibly one of the most important safety features on a car jump starter, as a short circuit can potentially lead not only to serious damage to the car jump starter, but also a potential explosion of the battery inside the device. Tattu 12000mah 12v jump starter have short circuit protection, no like other brands, their jump starter is extreme safe that even you connect the positive and negative poles together. No worries of any danger of short circuit. So when you purchasing you'd better check it. 2.Over-Current Protection Over current protection is limits the current the jump start car battery will deliver to its peak rated current preventing damage to the device. 3.Over-Voltage Protection This feature prevents too high a voltage from being applied to the unit when charging. Again, this can happen during a mains power surge. Take Tattu 12000mah 12V jump starter as an example: when capacity is up to 95%, battery could not be charged that to prevent over-charging. 4. Over-Charge Protection The charging circuits on more basic jump starters will not automatically stop charging the device when the batteries are full. With overcharge protection, the charging circuit will "float" charge the jump starter once full, and won't keep increasing the voltage applied to the cells, which could then overcharge and destroy the battery pack. 5. Over-load Protection It protects the unit from receiving a current higher than the manufacturer's specification when charging. This may happen during a surge from the mains power feeding the jump starter's charger. 6.High / low temperature Protection Tattu 12000mah car jump starter operation temperature is -10℃ - 55℃. When jump start car battery operation temperature is too high or low, it will make the car jump starter stable.
  8. Hey guys, we received a great product at the genstattu shop today. It is a very well designed jump starter. Once we received we opened the box and even though it had only 40% charger we were able to start a dead Mercedes with a 3.2 V6 engine. The jump starter is recommended for up to 3.0 gas engine but it had no problem starting even bigger engines. Product link: http://www.genstattu.com/tattu-400a-12v-12000mah-jump-starter-power-bank-battery-charger-led.html More details: This jump start car battery uses LiFePO4 and capacity 12000mah (38.4Wh), they have multi-function that it set 12V and USB outputs, can automatically adjust current for connected devices to reach the best charge efficiency and power. It is a portable power supply. According to their introduce, power supply booster battery for 3.5L Gas and 2L Diesel Engines, up to 30 times with 400A peak current. And can charge it in the car with the car charger of the package; Powering portable car tools, saving you from driving dilemma. Tattu Jump starter for car has built-in LED flashlight with three different modes: normal, strobe and SOS. It is worth to remind that it has short circuit protection. No like other brands, jump starter is extreme safe that even you connect the positive and negative poles together. No worries of any danger of short circuit. It is safety.. Specifications: Power: 400A Peak 12v Capacity: 12000mAh Vehicle: 3.5L Gas and 2L Diesel Input: 15V , 1A Output: 12V/8A, 5V/1A , 5V/2A Output Voltage at auto start: 12V USB Output: 5V - 2A Charge Mode: CC/CV 15V-1A Start Current: 270A Peak Current: 400A Applicable temperature range: -10 - 55 degree Weight: 1.5 lb Product Dimensions: 8 * 3.9 * 1.7 inches (Length * width * height) LED Flashlight: Built-in Flashlight (the specifications come from Tattu official shop data) In conclusion: Tattu 12000mah jump starter is amazing starter, safely, multi-function, price is low compare to their quality.