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    Renovating my garage

    Hi, I am here to ask for some suggestions. I am planning to renovate my garage because it is in a very bad condition. I had bought this building a few years ago and had not done any renovations since then. But I am not sure what would be a good choice. So when I asked my friends for suggestions, they told me that it would be best to use pre-engineered steel buildings because they are more durable and long lasting. It also saves a lot of time for construction and it is low on the budget too. However, I want to know about its maintenance. Will I have to spend a lot on monthly maintenance and repairs? Or are there any other better options or suggestions? Looking forward to your advice on this. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am new to this forum. I am a final year Mechatronics student. For my final semester project, I am planning to build a prototype like the google’s self driving car. I have to design a prototype chassis for installing the engine. The weight of the chassis should not be too high, at the same it should also be safe. I am thinking of getting a custom designed body. For this, I am in search for a precision sheet metal fabrication company in Ontario. I am super excited about getting this done. Has anyone tried building any custom cars like this? How did you all manage to reduce the weight of the body and chassis? If you all have any experiences with this, please share them here. I am looking forward to getting some tips and advice. Thanks.
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    HI there. I am Shawn. New to the forum. I am so glad to have found this forum.