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  1. Hi guys, So I am in the market for a new car. I have driven old used cars my whole life (98 protege, 99 altima). Now I'm driving a 2012 sonic that I bought as a commuter car (put 150K miles on it in 3 years). Now that my commute is over I was looking to get something nice. I have been comparing the entry level luxury compact cars. I have driven: Infiniti q60 Cadillac ATS Lincoln MKZ Audi A4 I have yet to drive: Mercedes C300 +/- Alfa Romeo giulia ti (with all the reliability issues I'm not sure) I wasn't a huge fan of the infiniti, the a4 I liked better than the cadillac. I really liked the MKZ thought it was extremely comfortable and loaded. I was wondering if you guys have any opions on the MKZ black label vs the A4 vs others. I'm looking to keep it at $50k max or so. Thank you!
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