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  1. Leo Parker

    older jeep or 4runner purchase?

    This has been an excellent vehicle for me. Bought it at 50,000 kms and am selling at 140,000 kms. The engine has been excellent. I had one small oil leak which was fixed. Other than that this has been a great vehicle. So, my suggest would be Jeep Grand Cherokee. Go for it....
  2. In the past, Polestar models, such as this high-powered S60 derivative, included the Volvo logo. That won't be the case in the future. Volvo will challenge Tesla Motors and BMW's i subbrand by turning its Polestar unit into a global stand-alone brand for high-performance electrified models. “With Polestar, we are able to offer electrified cars to the world's most demanding, progressive drivers in all market segments,” Volvo CEO
  3. Leo Parker

    Need help deciding what car to get

    I am in the UAE...
  4. Leo Parker

    Need help deciding what car to get

    With this price, 2002 Mitsubishi eclipse spyder gt is the best option. At least to my eyes, this car is one of the best looking car on the road. It amazingly fun to drive. It keeps up with the other cars in it's class speed-wise and it just looks cool.
  5. Leo Parker

    Good, fast, reliable car for 5-8k

    I think with 100k miles, it would be ok. I am sharing user reviews of 2009 Mazda RX-8 with you. I hope from this you can get answer of your question. https://www.cars.com/research/mazda-rx_8-2009/consumer-reviews/
  6. You wouldn't believe that Tesla electric vehicle gets five star safety rating. According to safety rating report, Tesla SUV has lowest probability of injury.
  7. Leo Parker

    0 to 62mph in 2.9 seconds.

    And what do you guys think about 2018 Dodge challenger SRT Demon. Its a cool car, 0-60 mph in just 2.3 seconds. I would love to drive with that power. But I know driving at this speed is just a dream. I hope my this dream comes true.
  8. Leo Parker

    Help me out here.(2014 Audi 2.0T)

    This is a great car. just a great balance of features, performance, economy, comfort in a good looking package. It's the smoothest car that I've ever driven. Overall, nice car with amazing features, buy it and don't worry about a thing.
  9. Leo Parker

    All new Audi Q8 and spyshots

    For me, the Q8 is a disappointment because it's not as good as the concept in several ways. For example, the lower body kit is not silver, while the air intake on the right of the car is completely fake and on the back there is the noticeable lack of exhaust pipes, something which the Audi Q7 doesn’t lack. You can see that the Q8 is wider and lower than Q7.
  10. Leo Parker

    06 Charger won't start all the time

    In this case, It's very difficult to tell you what the problem is. You should have to looked for a best mechanic. Mechanic is the best option because they are professional and they have the ability to quickly isolate and repair the problem in less time. Thanks....
  11. Leo Parker

    Good, fast, reliable car for 5-8k

    If you want a real sports car with the added bonus of being able to take friends along for a ride then you will love Mazda RX-8. Perfectly balanced and real driver's car. Comfortable car and handles phenomenally well. This is a great car but if you don't take care of it then it will bit back. Since its a rotary engine so its need more maintenance then a average car.
  12. Leo Parker

    Which cars are better diesel or petrol?

    Petrol or Diesel?? It is a never ending debate. The choice depends on what do you want/need. Both have their pros and cons. Choose a petrol-heart when you need , Super Silent cabin Better Power in higher rpm (turbocharged models ) less maintenance linear power delivery less efficient Choose a diesel-heart when you need, Not the most silent cabin . Diesel uses high pressure fuel injectors and there will be a definite clattering sound. Loads of torque in lower rpms(Almost double of a petrol heart) Limited Rev range. Better fuel efficiency high maintenance Choose the one which suit your needs and fulfill your requirements.
  13. Leo Parker


    I would recommend you a 2017 Toyota Avanza J M/T because it's a great looking car then Mitsubishi Adventure GX. I personally don't like the design of this car. Although, Toyota is a well-know brand in terms of reliability and quality vehicles. It's a pretty good 7 seater car. Thanks
  14. Leo Parker

    Which car for a trip?

    Opel Astra Estate is a good looking car. Very good load space. Excellent performance with 200ps engine and has comfort interior. Handling not as good as astra J model GTC but overall it's a nice family car.
  15. Leo Parker

    How can I make the focus s 2016 faster

    The best way to make a car faster is to increase your car horsepower and one of the best way to increase horsepower is to install a cold air intake and K&N air filter. These will increase your horsepower also about 10-15 hp and also improve your gas mileage.