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  1. Not if you have V6 or 4 banger cars with high final drive gears. That's how cars like the PT Cruiser gets 19/25 and cars like the Tiburon 6 speed manual gets a measley 18/26. Sure, techologywise, they're good on gas, but with the high revs to attempt to bring em close to V8 performance levels means they're gonna suck as much gas. That, and they still don't have the kind of performance a V8 offers.
  2. What the hell are you talking about? Aerodynamics? Dude, the cars I'm talking about are aerodynamic. New models, like between 1999 and 2003. Trust me, it's the gear ratios. Try taking a 4.40:1 gear ratio and see what it does to a C5 Vette. It's almost whiplash on wheels. Incredible performance, but the fuel economy will go straight into the sewar. And all the bitching I hear about SUV this and that, V8 powered cars this and that...... but I never hear any bitching about V6 "gas guzzler" this and that. That's why it doesn't make much sense to me. Even the Mitsubishi Dimante's economy is so bad, it's almost rivaling the V8 fuel consumption of 1990! 17/25. That's pretty bad. People are stupid. They want their V6 and 4 cylinder cars to "perform" so the manufacturers stuff em with high end gears. And I think some people have been slowly catching on to that. Slowly, but catching on nonetheless. It just doesn't make any sense why someone would want a car like the Tiburon with 170 HP, 500 to 1,000 pounds less curb weight, and a 6 speed manual to boot to get the same MPG's as a 305/345 HP F-body/Vette 4 speed auto. And by the way, it's not aerodynamic high performance V6 models that sucks the gas. It's the much higher revs from the high end final drive gears.
  3. I haven't posted here in ages, but what you need to do is look at the final drives. Most of these 4 bangers and V6's are using final drives that are near or above 4.10's used in hotrods. That explains why cars like the Tiburon V6 170 HP gets as much MPG's as my 1999 TransAm with almost 40,000 miles on it. Many of the 4 bangers are around V6 levels and a lot of V6's are V8 levels of fuel consumption. I can't see why those cars just don't up the HP, or God forbid, make a small 3.8 or 3.0 liter V8 and use a milder final drive. Match the power output with the proper(lower) final drive to those cars, and the gas mileage should be the equivalent or even better than a 4.06 or 3.94 geared V6. The highest final drive I've seen was a 4.40 in a GTI Volkswagen 1.8 turbo. 22/29. And yet, I came across a 1992 Morgan +8 18/30 3.9 V8, 5 speed manual yet it's a gas guzzler? It's plain and simple, if it's a V8, it already has a strike against it, no matter what the MPG's are.
  4. tomjakimiak

    Bligs' Z28

    Man, you won't be calling that thing a purple turd when it's pulling lengths on ya.
  5. tomjakimiak

    US Elise

    Well, that would make V8 drop even more fun!
  6. tomjakimiak

    Special Supra

    Yeah, but with that one turbo, what do most of those modded Supra owners spend for that killer turbo? And how high can they go in PSI rating?
  7. tomjakimiak

    Real Performers [sarcastic/]

    I'm still here, I kinda got side tracked posting in ECF and searching for car stuff. Sorry guys.
  8. tomjakimiak

    Fixed the V6 F-4 exhaust problem

    Dude, you can't go to joe blow down the street, cause you'll just end up taking it somewhere to have it done right. When it comes to a car, NEVER go cheapie style. You'll pay for it in the end.
  9. Dude, I was thinking of the 350 HP V8 Porshe.
  10. tomjakimiak

    275mm tires on a F-4

    I just take it easy in the rain. After all, it's more fun to spin the tires on dry pavement to see how high the speedo can get before you hit the posted limit.
  11. Nah, that's too seventyish! Get the wide body fenders like the top end turbo models.
  12. tomjakimiak

    I need some good ideas for a custom interior.

    Hey Sabbman, to add to your idea, take plexigass and mold it to the shape of the ceiling and get silver leaf and PRETSO! Instant mirror that's shaped like the interior roof line!
  13. I'd say GET the wide body kit, then. Besides, I though the turbo 944's came with a wide body as stock form. You can always get the fenders and install em. 275's in the front and 305's in the back will really hug the road! Or do the math and get bigger rims with lower profile tires like that Kamis guy did with his kickass Super Vette. I think the max for those tires on a C3 Vette is like 260 max, and he was able to stuff 275's in the front! He might have needed the fender flares for the rear, but it still looks cool and he has insane amounts of grip!
  14. tomjakimiak

    I need some good ideas for a custom interior.

    I dunno Paige, I guess I'm not too sold on lime green. I guess it's what you would feel what would make the car look cool. I'm not really big on radical interior custom designs as I'm more of a muscle car and hotrod fan. I guess I would have to look at the interior of your car to maybe give some ideas. One thing that would come to mind is if you like that sqaure or diamond shaped biscuit look that a lot of the low riders do. One thing I though of for doing the floor which some of my low riding friends thought it might be too much trouble or not possible to do. I can't exactly remember how to make em, but you would take like thin foam and thick cardboard and cut sqaures into the foam and put those twist-tie looking tacks into em. But I would say don't use foam and cardboard. If you wanna have that look to last, use like thick foam rubber and try to mold a plastic to the shape of the floorboard. Then the other instructions would be as follows. But I would use a heavier duty type holder than the usual thin tack things normally used. Another idea would be try doing some of those radical neon lights inside the car. Perhaps under the driver and passenger seat. Be careful, as I don't know how hot those lights get. Maybe a biscuited velveted floor with black and green checkers or stripes, and do the same for the seats perhaps with alternating patterns? That's about all I can think of, hope this helps ya.
  15. tomjakimiak

    Move over lightning, here comes dodge...

    Well, at least Dodge didn't name it something like the Burmese GT or something. 500 Hp is a lot for a modern truck! That's gonna give all those luxury trucks a run for their money. I think that two of the currently most powerful trucks are the Hummer and Escalade. I don't know what figures the Hummer has, but I think the Escalade is like 350 HP for the current 2002 model. I don't follow on trucks too much, but I know that 500 HP is gonna make things rough for the competition.