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  1. Hello CarForumers, I wanted to start a thread about Cab-Over trucks. There is something that I just love about their looks and I'd like to restore one. Are there an Cab-over owners out there that can give me some advice? What years are best and have engines that are easily rebuilt? Thanks!
  2. Another thought on this. If Hyundai/Kia build in the United States, I'd put money on it just for production of vehicles of vehicles to the US or North America. The reason is simple, if you look at the history of Kia offroading, you'll note they have plants all over the world. I think this announcement from them may just to appease our president and his drive to keep jobs here in America. Can't fault him for that.
  3. It looks to me that the previous owner installed a set of alloy rims that didn't fit the standard Lancer bolt pattern. What you see are adapter plates that have been either modified or even home-made so the alloy wheels will fit on the car.
  4. Hey, thought I'd start a thread about the Zora Corvette coming out next year (2019 model year). There isn't much official on it yet (I did find this Zora Corvette information on a Chevy Dealers website) but a number of the enthusiasts websites have some "spy" information. This car is going to be a mid-engined V8 with 2 overhead cams on each head and turbocharged (Maybe.) This should be a really cool car. There are a number of spy pictures out there but I really wonder if they are legit. I mean, how likely is it that someone would be able to get pictures of a factory race track? Maybe someone knows the answer to this.
  5. Hey Pitter, Welcome to Car Forums! Hey, I've got a question for you. I'm a nut for Cabover Trucks and have been doing some research. In case you aren't familiar with them, here's a cool article I found on East Hills Chevrolet's site. It points out that there aren't any cabover trucks being used here in the states anymore but it's pretty common to see them in other countries. The reason for this concerns the maximum length of tractor-trailers here. The government specification used to include the tractor and the trailer but now just the trailer (53 feet.) Do you have cabover trucks on the roads in Columbia? If so, I'm curious what brands they are (GMC, Volvo, etc.) Thanks, Thomas
  6. Great infographic. It's amazing how much pickups have evolved in the last 100 years. This infographic is a nice visual. This History of Chevy Trucks article is great too. Kudos to B&W hitches for taking the time to do this.
  7. Hi Katka, Thomas from Metro Kia here. I will answer your question somewhat generally. Yes, the manual will show you the place to put your factory car jack but they almost never show you general jacking points for trolley jacks and car lifts. They assume that a trained mechanic is involved. What I would suggest is that you look under the car and find a section of the frame that supports the front wheel assemblies (sometimes called A frames) and jack on there. On the rear of the car, same thing. Find a section that is supporting part of the rear wheel assembly and slide your jack under there. What you don't want to do is just place the jack "anywhere" under the car. You will likely damage exhaust pipes, brake lines, etc. etc. If finding the best spot to jack from is difficult, see if you can have a friend that repairs cars to give you a hand. Once you see the right jack points, you'll be set for the future. Good Luck, Thomas
  8. Hi, mechanic from Patrick Cadillac here. I think you are being taken myself. Paint jobs are very expensive but "paint the whole car?" I can't image why. He must think that he won the lottery. By the way, big time Kudos for being honest and getting in touch with the guy. That being said, I think he's trying to profit on it. Get another quote.
  9. I work for Patrick Hyundai and one of our Hyundai reps told us about this. I just don't know about forcing companies to make things in the US. Yes, the jobs would be great but American Autoworkers make some $40 per hour and Mexican autoworkers make $6. Cars from the US will be more expensive! I just don't know.
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