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  1. Hey everyone. I am new to this forum and i'd like to say hey to everyone and hope to hear and get into some good discussions with everyone. I currently live in Colorado and drive an MK4 VW Golf. I am doing some upgrades to the engine to make Tabatha pretty quick. That's my cars name by the way. If anyone lives near the springs and enjoys turning wrenches and hanging out with good people hit me up. Again hope to hear from everyone. Enjoy! -Swerve
  2. Swerve

    Howdy from Clarksville TN

    Hey, Ron welcome. I just moved from clarksvegas. I loved it there. Had to move for the military. I see your a euro guy. Talk to you later.
  3. Swerve

    Offset for 17x7

    I am looking to get new wheels for my MK4 2001 VW Golf. I don't really know what offset I should be looking for. I want to keep my wheels at 17's so I am either going 7" or 8" wide. Can some one tell me what offset I should get to get a flush stance? Also if I keep my 17x7's I have now, what size spacers do I need? Pro's and con's of both are greatly appreciated. Thank you guys and gals in advance.
  4. I am looking to upgrade my turbo for my VW Golf 1.8t. I am wondering if I need to buy a whole kit or can I just purchase the turbo itself. I was looking at the K04 and was also advised to get the GT30. If I just get the turbo what else do I need so that I don't blow up my car. Thoughts?