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  1. Have to go American. Only slightly though and as of recently. Look to European Cars (Volks, BMW, Volvo, Porsche) as being your ultimate quality built cars. Look to Japanese Cars (Honda, Subaru, Nissan) as the best value and lasts. Finally, American (Ford, Chevy, Chrysler) combine the 2, good build, not great or poor, and decent price, not expensive or cheap. Also add in the power that is the best bang for your buck (SRT Hellcat, GT500, C7 Stingray, etc.).
  2. What a car. Officially made it my dream car as soon as I saw the pictures. $450,000 for the fastest car around really isn't that much compared to others. The sleekness added with the aerodynamics make this car look unbelievable. Also, this shows the end of the big block, being powered by only a v6. Unfortunately I cannot afford this one. Perhaps I can reserve the next reiteration of the GT how many ever years down the road.
  3. Looking to buy one or the other car in the topic title. I really love the luxury and quality build of the BMW but I also enjoy the speed of a Mustang GT. What one would you purchase and why? What are the pros/cons of both cars. And finally, what are the major problems from both of these models I may face and maintenance costs/work I would have to do. Both are similarly priced around 9k for one with 90,000 miles. Last, what about insurance costs? I know since I am 22 it will be high, but which one and why? Thanks for any answers and the help!
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