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  1. Our main products are Car paint thickness gauge. We are looking for new distributors worldwide!!! Our www: www.Paint-Thickness.com Our ebay shop: eBay Shop - Paint Thickness Now we make simple and cheap paint thickness bIT3003 Price for 1pcs 19,99USD Digital Paint Thickness from 49,99USD Ideal for Automobile... Dealerships, Professional Car Buyers, Appraisers, Inspectors, Painters, Detailers, Body Shops, and more... We are also the factory in Poland - EU,and our coating thickness gauge have more models,and we also have digital thickness gauge,with high quality. So can you give us a reply? really we can cooperate with each other well .but we do not know why always not interesting us? how can we building cooperation ? what can we do for you? mail: paint.thickness.alt@gmail.com