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  1. lylecummins1919

    Domestic vs Foreign

    american always
  2. definately a turbo more boost and big and discreet turbos
  3. lylecummins1919

    The "List all your cars" thread

    That guy had 130 cars good god. Why so many cars in 38 years, you must have been bored chris
  4. lylecummins1919

    Jay Leo's garage

    that's a sweet car, but still no dodge
  5. lylecummins1919

    71 Blazer

    Travis Barker's Chevy Blazer sweet ride https://www.streettrucksmag.com/grounded-travis-barkers-battle-wagon/
  6. lylecummins1919


    In need of a wench for my truck and can not seem to find any i like. Any suggestions on a brand that way i can way some options
  7. lylecummins1919

    "The Behemoth"

    Meet the "Behemoth" a lifted Dodge Ram with an astounding 1300 HP and a 94 MM Turbo. https://www.dieselworldmag.com/go-bigger/
  8. lylecummins1919

    2018 doge srt demon

    It's defenately a bad ass car
  9. lylecummins1919

    Dodge Ram

    The brand new face of Dodge Ram. http://www.autoblog.com/2016/10/19/2019-ram-1500-spy-shots/
  10. lylecummins1919

    2018 doge srt demon

    This is one sweet ride and by all means a fast ride meet the 2018 Dodge SRT Demon. http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/future-cars/news/a32339/2018-dodge-challenger-srt-demon-everything-we-think-we-know/
  11. lylecummins1919

    GM to add or keep 7,000 jobs, make $1b factory investment

    I was practically raised on GM funds as my family worked for them the entirety of my childhood - good to see such a great american company breathe life back into this great country!
  12. lylecummins1919

    Roditall Customs

    Is anyone aware of the custom work done by Ryan Abbott of Roditall Customs in Carlock, Illinois? I have read about his great work but would like to know from someone who has had first hand experience.
  13. lylecummins1919

    Worth it to delete rear seats?

    If you do not have kids and do not plan on transporting more than a single passenger - then why not?
  14. I would seek proffessionsal help. I think 22'' inch rims would be a rough ride.