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  1. Hello, Just returned home from getting a replacement set of spark plug wires from Auto Zone. The factory Honda wires lasted nearly 200K miles. These replacement wires lasted about 36K miles. This isn't the first time I've seen after market parts fail to measurement up to the OEM parts that came with the car when I purchased it new in '99. I went through this with aftermarket radiators too. Factory lasted ~160K miles, discount replacement lasted 13 months, next replacement (NAPA) lasted 8 years, and I'm running the replacement for that radiator I've had mixed results with aftermarket parts. On one car I went through two aftermarket water pumps, both of them ate themselves out from the inside and I ended up putting in a genuine one. On another car I replaced something (suspension bushes? Can't remember.) with aftermarket ones on the advice of a mechanic friend because they were better than the original, and he was right. Here are some examples Event Management tools Video
  2. Hello, It came with remote start on the key chain but it doesn't work I have a 96 dodge intrepid. There is an extra wire going to the battery so I don't know if it actually does go to the car or not. Any one know I have a 2011 Dodge Avenger Mainstreet I've slowly but surely been getting new mods for it. I have new rims,new grille, new headlights, oracles, and now LED conversion kit for my bulbs. Now i am at a new exhaust system before i get a cold air intake. But I have some questions I know enough about cars to get around but i know nothing about exhaust systems or anything. Here are some examples Motion graphics explainer video examples
  3. Hello, This is a video of our valuable experience in a small event in Thailand we want to share it with all the car lovers around the world i'm a french driver and i would like to know what do you think about our race. we are about 50 friends and we organise every year our event in order to give our profits to an association whitch helps disabled children It looks like a lot of fun. Good place to get your feet wet! It's always great when the proceeds can help an organization that helps any disabled children...Good luck. Here are some examples video production tips for engagement
  4. Hello, I am selecting products to import/sell and I have one problem. I heard about the European norms (Safety....). We have to make sure that products follow the European norm if we want to sell them. I wonder which products are subjected to the European norms ? Where can I find certain information on this issue? What is your experience/solution? Thank you. Here are some examples of Cloud Manager Videos
  5. Hello, Hello all, I am new to importing and will become an import expert with time. I am starting a company and importing a product from China (Shenzhen). The market responds well to this particular product so that's not the problem. I am not sure of the exact process for importing and I've read all the threads on this forum, but experience is always better than reading tons of info. My question is with the big importing companies out there, DHL, FedEx and UPS. Which of these supplies the best value and simplicity for importing a product from China? From getting the product to getting it to my company location? The manufacturer is FOB: Port Shenzhen. I would like to get this product sooner than via ship since it's almost the holiday season. Since their terms are FOB, can I use an agent of some sort to go from FOB Shenzhen to Air? I live in Cincinnati Ohio and would like to go FOB Shenzhen to Air Hong Kong to Cincinnati Ohio. I believe I will be using DHL for this but wanted ideas to make this easier and cost effective. Product is only about $1500 USD at most. Here are some examples of Examples of website builder videos
  6. Hello, I wrote to the president of BMW, North America, and the response that I got was basically, "too bad". I then sent an e mail to the customer service e mail address, which resulted in a call from someone named Ashley. She couldn't have been more indifferent and sounded like she was reading from a script in a very disinterested monotone. She also told me that there was nothing they could do. When I told her that they were about to lose a customer of 30 years, who had bought 11 BMW's and had convinced dozens of friends and family members to get BMW's, she said nothing. Apparently, BMW has gotten so big and successful that their attitude is "who cares, we don't need your business". Here are some examples of Examples of product demo videos
  7. Hello, Hello, I'm new to this board but I just wanted to post my most recent experience. I apologize for the length but feel the need to be extremely descriptive. I hope this serves to help others. I have been searching for a new (used) car for almost two months with nothing to show for it. I've spent a couple hundred dollars having various vehicles inspected only to be disappointed (though I recognize in the long run that I'm better off getting this third party inspection). The first car that I found that I liked enough to purchase was located in NY but the dealership is part of an auto group with a branch 30 min away from me. I contacted their customer service and asked about having the car xfered for inspection/purchase. I was instructed to visit my local branch. There I was told that I needed to put down a 500 dollar deposit to hold and transfer the vehicle. After insuring that I had written documentation that my deposit was fully refundable dependent on inspection, I happily obliged. I was told to expect the car in three days. I call the dealership in 3 days time to verify the cars arrival. They told me it was not there yet, that it will be there tomorrow. Here are some examples of ITIL Video
  8. Hi All. My car is coming to 5yrs old and the AC is getting noisy when it kicks in, I can also feel the vibration. AC is still blowing cold air and I change the filter every year. Was recommended to change/add aircon oil. AC system uses oil? Will the oil help? The workshop wants to charge $87 renewing aircon oil. am new to here, I have worked with multiple firms. you can check email marketing service video one of my work. Can someone please help me trouble shoot this. Thank you in advance!
  9. Hi guys, I am driving a hyundai avante. Do we need to change the Auto transmission filter? Some say yes, some say no."Please kindly suggest me" am new to here, I have worked with multiple firms. you can check customer support software video one of my work. Any help would be appreciated Many Thanks!
  10. Hi all, i am looking for your opinion. In recent regular maintenance, my engineer suggested me to change the front absorber and engine mounting which cost about 1.5K inlcuding labor. I can feel the problem while driving and it is getting a little worse in the past 6 months. Howver, I am not sure whether I shall chang them now since the car is due in 3 years and I probably will change another car. what would you do if in my situation? thanks. am new to here, I have worked with multiple firms. you can check enterprise private cloud video one of my work. Any help would be appreciated Many Thanks!
  11. Hello friends, I have tried to search for similar issue in this forum, but couldn't find any. So I decide to start a new thread, hope someone can advice me. The issue with my 2009 Kia Cerato Forte steering wheel is when travelling at highway speed (eg. 100km/h), whenever i need to make a slight adjustment to the steering wheel (eg. 5 degrees to the right), the steering wheel seems to stuck, and I need to use a bit of strengthen to turn it. This has nothing to do with the steering wheel getting heavier at higher speed. I don't encounter the same issue when travelling at low speed. I think my car's steering wheel is electric powered, as when I open the bonnet, I don't see steering fluid reservoir. Anyone has any idea what's wrong with the steering wheel on my car? About me, am new to here, I have worked with multiple firms. you can check enterprise travel risk management video one of my work. Any help would be appreciated Many Thanks!
  12. Hi guys my turn to ask... i have been changing car batteries at random location. the last change was at Soh brothers... he gave me a donno what GT brand which lasted only around 18months. This time round, i wan to buy Amaron or Varta (basically the more branded ones). where should i get it from? i need installation too. lazy to dirty my hands to change battery. am new to the forum, I have worked with multiple firms. you can check CRM Solutions video one of my work. Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanks,
  13. Hi guys Had an unfortunate incident at Marina Square yesterday and my car is injured by the barrier Can help advise on where i can get the repair done and what is the likely cost ? About me am new to the forum, I have worked with multiple firms. you can check Online animated marketing video one of my work. Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanks,
  14. Hello, Im planning to buy a ford lynx gsi 2000-01 model. I saw it ranges from 240 to 280 in the market. I heard this model are hard to maintain... is it true? And I also saw in one of the news that Ford will stop making Lynx in the Philippines... does this have an effect? Any Help will be appreciated!! Thanks in advance About Me: I have worked with multiple firms You can check 2d animated videos, one of my work.
  15. Hello, Got a chance to test drive a Honda Mobilio (A/T) and suddenly I considered the Mobilio as an alternative to the Ecosport. But after research found that there are a few missing features in the Mobilio like anti-theft alarm, bluetooth capabilities just to name a few. The clear advantage of the Mobilio is that it is a 7-seater. I don't mind the small difference in the ground clearance though. Thoughts on which to buy and why? Thanks in advance About Me: I have worked with multiple firms You can check B2B explainer video, one of my work.
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