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    my interests are customizing cars as well as repairing vehicles
  1. Hey guys please check out my channel on youtube, Im always posting alot of diy's as well as custom creations, thank you.
  2. hey guys corolla customz here, i am a newly started youtuber that shows you how to customize as well as maintain your vehicles please give my channel a try https://youtu.be/foUj0Nf2Efg this is how to clean your throttle body, remember when cleaning the butterfly make sure to open the throttle and thoroughly clean it
  3. thanks guys please keep in touch with my youtube channel i constantly have content being posted.. thank you
  4. Hello fellow car friends, Corolla Customz is my newly started youtube channel, in which ill show you how to customize corolla. Im new to this forum and i just thought I would have fun with it and also have fun filiming my videos so far all I have are two up first one is putting in a touch screen radio gps with a backup camera second one is how to vinyl wrap interior trim.. please give my channel a chance. dont forget to like, comment, and subscribe.... thank you all.. this is the vinyl wrap video this one is the radio gps with back up camera
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