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  1. ok the other day I saw a white current generation E class. on one side of the trunk lid it had bading that said E43 and on the ther side it said AMG. on the door panel it said sport. Is this a car I don't know about or did some guy take his E430 sport, remove the 0 and add an AMG logo?
  2. yeah my 89 camry is in good shape except where the paint got scraped of (dumb guy in a truck scraped me on I66, ran away too)
  3. automatic w/ manual shift? well you know how auto's have "1" "2" "D" ... etc he means you can manually shift from first to second to drive manually.
  4. as soon as you put that on your going to race the kid who actually did real work to his civic (turbo, nitro...etc)
  5. toyota and nissan may hate each other now, but that was not always the case. way back in 1959(8?) Nissan's workers went on strike because.... well Niass treated them like ****. So before Nissan's facotries closed down they made an agreement with all the other japanese manufactors, especially Toyota (they were neck and neck for #1 in japan). They agreed that Nissan would sit out the strike (hold out so long the workers have to come back just to afford to eat) and none of the other companies would try to increase their market share while Nissan was out. wierd huh? they just wanted to teach the unions a lesson. anyway the point is toyota could have crushed nissan but didnt
  6. no this was front engne rwd, with heavy retro elements. forget what magazine I saw it in, but it was a big one (I read C/D, R/T Automobile, AutoWeek)
  7. it may happen in the form of the ford 49 by that i mean: each mayy build one functional concept and spread it around to the press but not build any of them. Buick had something like that too.... forget what it was called but it had an it looked great (sorta retro) had had a baddass motor form the past. anyway the most likely thing is that it's just a pipedream
  8. yeah i was able to see the pic a few hours ago, don't sweart it stff like that happens
  9. hey is flat-6 fdown or something, I tried to get oon but it just say "this page cannot be dispayed...."
  10. or beer and pretzels ...... but i don't think that fits the bently image
  11. mercedes slr, i just think that car is beautifull.
  12. looks good sounds good, I give the Reverends Seal of Approval
  13. DAMMIT!!!!!!!!! the air pressure is 32 if i remember off the top of my head, but i try to keep it around 35
  14. he doesn't know the air pressure for the front tires of an 89 camry v6 5 speed, what a moron :D
  15. when i first saw the name for the "lotec sirius" i thought it said "sinus", now that would have been a bad name hey wasn't Innotech also the name of the company in Office Space?
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