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  1. What are the Toyota Glanza- configuration and features?
  2. What are the Top 4 things about Renault Triber that will set a tight competition for the other cars?
  3. Can i have more information on Renault Triber?
  4. What is new in all, new Maruti Suzuki Wagon R?
  5. Is Maruti Suzuki Ignis the best car for Indian customers
  6. How good is the Audi A3 car for Indian roads?
  7. I have heard that Toyota has many different kinds of vans. Which one is good?
  8. I have a fishing business and I need to take loads of fish from the main market to retail outlets. What would make for a good vehicle to have?
  9. I have heard that the Hilux has some new design changes. What are they?
  10. I want a car that can make its presence felt when n the road. Can you suggest?
  11. I am interested in buying a sedan and want a cost comparison between different brands. Please help.
  12. I want to buy the Hilux. Can you find out how much it costs?
  13. I need to buy a pick up truck for my office that is used to rough use and is economically priced. Please suggest.
  14. I was thinking of going in for a Toyota SUV but do not know which one to pick. Also, will it be affordable?
  15. I have a travel business and I am on the look out for a small van that can take 12-14 people for long trips. Please recommend.
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