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  1. I cant realy point to a perfect car for you but can recomend looking at things like oil level, service history, if auto trans fluid,under oil cap for gunk ( big giveaway if head is cracked) under body rust) engine mounts, brake pads and rotors and allround body rust. If buying a car from some wear around the bays or near the sea definitely check for rust. I know trademe has a few good cars up atm
  2. Wow guys thats alot Where do i start??? 1. 1996 ford telstar 2. .... Thats all folks Lol
  3. Toyota corolla will last you for ever but arnt to flash if you want something new (altho i suggest otherwise as insurance and cost of repairs are much higher) go for a nissan skyline. Personaly i think older cheaper cars are better toyota livins have quite the power, my friend brought a 8k super charged 130,000 km and thats fun to drive
  4. I recommend a toyota corolla or simular if you want reliability and cheap there are so many of them and often parts fit even if its a different model I personly work as a mechanic so i brought a car which is knowen to break down just so i could learn how to fix things (96 ford telstar)
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