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  1. All cars, whether modern, vintage, factory or custom, need year round maintenance to protect them from the elements, keep them road safe and in top condition. TM Custom Auto Trim and Glass Ltd have been restoring and customizing cars in Toronto for 50 years. Tony Macri, company owner and founder explains how to maintain your vehicle’s look across the seasons. Protect your vehicle’s exterior It’s important to winterize your car’s exterior to protect its paint job. Cold and wet weather conditions can dull a car’s shine and put it at risk of rusting. There are various paint sealants that offer long term protection and waxes to achieve the perfect shine. Synthetic sealants can add a gloss to car exteriors that lasts the winter months, and applying multiple layers will protect your paint job from the elements. Winter washing North American winters can have a lasting effect on your vehicle. The combination of sub-zero temperatures and salty roads can compromise car safety, as protective coatings on brake lines, electrical wires and suspension components can wear more quickly when in contact with road salt. One way to get rid of salt build up is to wash your car several times each winter. This can reduce the rate of corrosion, whilst also making sure your car looks and works its best. Don’t neglect your interior Car interiors can feel the strain year round, whether it’s winter slush and mud staining moulded carpets, sun damage creating cracks in the dashboard or unruly pets traveling in the back seats. A leather conditioner will help maintain leather interiors, however sun damage and general wear and tear may compromise the quality of your leatherwork over time. Aftermarket specialists like TM Custom can return vintage cars to pristine condition with leather seat repair services, including seat springs, foam pads, upholstery repair and replacement of sections of seat leather or cloth, re-dying and seam and embroidery work. TM Custom can also install new leather interiors with multiple leather colour options, along with authentic fabrics to match your vehicle’s model. A wide range of moulded carpet colour options allows you to customize your car with matching or contrasting leather and carpets. Outdoor parking Car owners without a garage will find both the summer and winter months pose a threat. Uncovering and recovering your vehicle can be time consuming but if you have to park outside during winter, a heavy duty car cover will protect against the elements. In the summer, it’s important to keep the car’s interior cool while parked, to avoid damage to the steering wheel and dashboards and to prevent leather fading. Tinted windows can reduce heat in the car and certain shades of tint can also cut down on the harmful UV rays - always check with local laws first though to check your tint isn’t too dark! Parking in the shade with a sunshade in the windshield offers some protection. Avoid parking under trees in both summer and winter, however - tree sap can ruin a paint job, and heavy snow on trees may cause branches to bend. To learn more about TM Custom’s aftermarket services or to arrange an appointment call (+1) 416-249-7137.
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