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  1. As an alternative to using dryer sheets, it is possible to use a bar of regular hand soap wrapped inside of a paper towel or microfiber sprayed with water and lathered up to create the anti-static coating on the back window.
  2. HOW TO TINT YOUR WINDOWS WHAT DO I NEED 1. A Heat-gun (cheap from diy store) 2. Stainless steel cutter (preferably Olfa blade - NEVER USE CARBON BLADES TO CUT ON THE GLASS) 3. A Squeegee of your choice (Bluemax preferred) 4. A Hard-Card of your choice (felt edge 2 sided card). 5. Tumble-dryer sheets. 6. Paper towels. 7. Water Baby shampoo mixture (more baby shampoo = more slip = less stick). 8. Tape-measure (not vital but it helps) 1. CLEAN THE CAR THOROUGHLY Seriously, this is the most important part, if the car is not clean now you will have a dirty, dusty result at the end which will be a huge waste of time so make sure everything is spotless now. Never use the same things to clean the inside and outside of the windows as the outside is much more dirty. 2. CLEAN THE OUTSIDE OF THE REAR WINDOW AGAIN Once this is clean you can go ahead and wet a dryer sheet and rub it over the whole glass to create some anti-static. Allow this to dry. Now wet a paper towel and draw a horizontal line across the middle of the glass and cut off enough film the cover the rear window completely, with some over-hang. Lay the film onto the glass and use the squeegee working from center to the edges to secure the film to the glass along the wet line. Check that the release liner is facing up. 3. PRE-TRIM AND GRAB THE HEATGUN. You can trim some of the overhang off at this stage and also cut around the rear wiper blade if necessary at this stage. Warm the heatgun up and get the felt edge card in your other hand. 4. SHRINKING The hardest part - take your time. With the heatgun on full power - working from the flat center line moving down evenly across the whole width of the film - begin to heat and shrink the film and smooth over with the hard card until it is all laying flat against the glass ( at this stage you will probably get a crease somewhere on the film, this will not come out so if it is too large or in the i would consider starting again from step 1). 5. CLEAN THE INSIDE OF THE GLASS At this stage the inside of the glass must be absolutely spotless so take your time here and clean it 2-3 times to be sure no dust hairs are left. 6. WET THE WINDOW AND FILM Wet the inside of the glass you're tinting, then remove the release liner and spray the adhesive side of the film thoroughly. 7. APPLY THE FILM Apply the film to the inside surface of the window (be careful not to crease the film). Use the Squeegee to smooth out the film and then go over again to remove all of the water from behind the film. Check from the outside for any left over bubbles or water. Also look along the edges for any 'fingers' popping up. And that's it, now all you need to do is clean down the car and enjoy the tinted windows. If you need any additional advice or guidance please visit Window Tinting Nottingham
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