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  1. IceMan

    Have you ever?

    Raining, bald tires. I bought an old Toyota Supra from a friend that needed cash and the first day i had it I ran it into a ditch. I was doing about 50mph(I thought that I was going slow enough cause it was raining) and i came around this corner and the ***-end just let loose and i slid into the ditch. About an hour later a really nice guy from Ohio stopped and pulled me out. I think that was probably the worst I've ever been in. Nothing major happened to the car except alignment.
  2. I know you guys must have lost control of a car at least once, so tell me about the worst wreck(fender bender, ditch, enbankment, whatever) you've ever been in. I've been in a couple of retarded "wrecks" myself. I'll tell you about them later.
  3. Hey I made that late at night dumbass. Once again i dont want the WRX. I know its ONE of the Imprezas but not the one i want. Dipshit. I never said that i wasnt an Impreza you moron.
  4. Well C-Murder I seriously doubt that you know what youre talking about. Most of your posts are from you talking out of your ass. I havent taken anything you said into consideration cause you havent really said anything. You bullshit youre way around numbers claim how good or bad a car is when you havnt even been in one in real life. I never once said that the C5 sucked as a car. I mentioned once about its generic interior(i know youre gonna say something about how nice it is but it just seems really generic to me like the way veneer is generic to real wood). Okay that was a dumb comparison but thats all i can think of. Ive ridden in a Z06 an this guy knows what hes talking about. You might have said the same thing before but i cant trust anything you say cause alot of its bullshit. MrCorvetteZ06 got his shit straight before posting thats why im respecting his opinion a hell of a lot more than yours.
  5. Thanks for the informative reply. Ive been waiting for somebody to post something without talking out of there ass. I think you know what youre talking about so thanks for the info. Anyway i gotta look into some stuff so ill get back to you later.
  6. But i dont want the WRX. I want one of the imprezas, I like there styling. How is your edumacashun going there big guy? Your intelligence has something to be desired.
  7. I love Subarus. I know you guys are gonna rag on me for it but I am definatly gonna get one in a couple years. I love the handling(especially in 4 wheel drive) Im not sure what model yet but i think a rally edition coupe would be nice(if the even make those any more).
  8. Thanks moonie your one of the few people that know what youre talking about. I had an attitude at the begining because I was really sick of hearing about Supercars like the mclaren f1. i just had to blow off some steam. I just read through the posts and found the sites I guess i didnt see those. Im trying to read everyones posts but some of them are pretty idiotic. Anyway thanks moonie.
  9. I wish you guys would stick to just cars instead of attacking each others intelligence. We all like different cars but i still havent seen anything to convince me that the Z06 is a "dream machine". I keep seeing stories and meaningless comparisons and insignificant opinions. All i wanna know is how good the Z06 is(show me a reliable site cause anybody can post that this car can do anything) and how it really is as a daily driver cause i keep seeing somebody(im not gonna name names) saying how awesome it is even though he doesnt even have one and only sat in it once. IMO his opinion of how well it handles or drives is nothing but BS. If you find a site that shows the numbers(reliably) of the Z06. Somebody who owns one or at least has driven one should be the one that talks about how great a ride it is instead of somebody that only sat in it. Jesus people. Idiots need not reply.
  10. IceMan

    I Need Some Help!

    thanks im sure that ill gat something done at these sites. THanks again.
  11. it was actually pretty fast too, i think that it got close to 100mph once. The speedo only goes to 85. if you put it in four wheel drive that thing can go anywhere you pointed it.
  12. IceMan

    Most fun car....

    Ford F350 crew cab. But thats a truck I think the funnest car ive driven was a little Datsun "rally" car(thats what we called it any way) I cant rember the specific model but it had a blue paint job with 2 big white racing stripes. The car was only good for jumping. Barely ever drove it on the highway(topspeed was about 65 downhill, HAHAHA). My favorite on the road is a tie between an 87 Toyota Supra Turbo and an older model Datsun 280ZX(i dont know if thats the specific model but we always called it "The Z car" it was a friend of mines so i didnt look into it to much). The Supra is a lot faster and better handling but im busy fixing it up as a project car(its more fun to drive but its a pain trying to fix it up). its kind of a POS but by summertime itll be in showroom condition. The funnest car/truck is definatly a Ford F350 crew cab(1991) you cant get it stuck if you tried. it will go just about anywhere. The next one is a 1980 Toyota pickup(its a POS but its fun to just rag on) The reason why i didnt say a bimmer or a newer high performance caris because im always afraid something will happen and al the money i just spent would go down the drain. [Edited by IceMan on 02-16-2001 at 10:47 PM]
  13. TS1 thanks for backing me up but i dont think you should say that being part of the f350 crew is a bad thing. When i went to visit my dad he had this huge diesel crewcab F350. That was reallly fun to drive. I was gonna buy a new one but there kinda expensive(not to bad though but you can get one thats maybe 2-3 years old for just over half the price). that truck could go anywhere. I took it back in the woods and i couldnt have gotten it stuck if i tried it was amazingly nimble for a vehicle that big.
  14. im working on it sorry but im busy with some other stuff too so its gonna be a little whie before i can post the web addresses. Later on today maybe.