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  1. vehicles234

    The "List all your cars" thread

    Hey, I have been using Tata Cars for 4 years and they are really great. I can't afford luxury cars but I think these cars, that I have bought are comfortable & value for money. - Tata Vista - Tata Manza
  2. vehicles234

    Teen First Car Advice

    Hey, There are many cars that have all the safety features, accessories and will fit your budget as well. I would suggest you go for Chevrolet Sonic, Ford Fiesta, Tata Vista & Honda City. These cars may fit your budget and have great efficiency. Also, they've got stylish looks & design.
  3. Hey! Looking for a SUV or Mini SUV, Hyundai Tucson is a good choice. Other than Hyundai you can also go for Tata Safari, which is also a great SUV. Tata Motors has cars that are one of fuel-efficient & best mileage cars. I personally use Tata Manza (which is a sedan car) and I'm really very happy with it's performance, so I suggested you from the same company as I have heard a lot about it's powerful SUV's.
  4. vehicles234

    Tata Motors - Asian Car Manufacturer

    Yes I agree! Tata Motors is one of the strongest companies in the automotive industry. It has come up with the most cost efficient cars such as affordable sedan & hatchbacks. Also their cars are reliable and comfortable to drive. My experience with this company has been good so far and I would surely suggest it to others.
  5. vehicles234

    The Best Car

    Hey! According to me the best car is the one, which is cost effective car, swift, comfortable for long rides and also attractive. Also the car should be fuel economical with good ground clearance. I think all these factors should be considered in a car while taking the decision.
  6. vehicles234

    Good, fast, reliable car for 5-8k

    Hey! I think you can go for a hatchback car. They are really swift, fast & smooth even on tough roads. My brother is using Tata Vista , I think it is better than any other sedan cars. It has good fuel capacity and a ground clearance of 165mm. It is an affordable & comfortable car as well.
  7. vehicles234

    Which new car is best?

    Hey Hi! Nissan Maxima’s is a good car I think you should go for it. If not then you can also check out the New Tata Manza, which is also one of the best luxury sedan cars. This powerful sedan is available in both petrol & diesel models, has 5+1 Manual transmission & the best part is that it is easy and swift even on harsh roads. Other Models of such luxury sedan cars are Acura TLX (2017), Lexus CT 200h (2017) & Audi A3 (2017).
  8. vehicles234

    Which cars are better diesel or petrol?

    Thank you @alliecandy for the information. I had two minds but i went with the diesel cars finally. Recently I bought a Tata Vista Diesel Car which was available at a great deal. The Car is really good. It gives a good average in the city run and also the looks are awesome.
  9. Are Diesel engines more powerful than petrol engines? I wanted to know which is better a diesel car or a petrol car. Which one will be more fuel efficient, best mileage giving and economical as well. Also, what is the difference between the two? Please let me know your views on the same.
  10. vehicles234

    vehicle decision, van or SUV?

    I think SUV are better than Van. Suv's are more powerful than van they are better in terms of performance and are fuel efficient. I own a Tata (SUV) car and I can say it is much better than a van. I would suggest you go for an SUV, you can check out cars from Tata Motors, Ford, Honda or Suzuki
  11. vehicles234

    The "List all your cars" thread

    Hey everyone, Not much experienced in driving as you all. I own a Ford Figo and a Tata Manza. Both are fuel efficient and best mileage cars but my personal favourite is Tata.
  12. Hi, It depends on how you define a sporty car. For me sporty car should be comfortable, easy on maintenance, of-course stylish looking, the best mileage and smooth on tough roads. Also, it should be user friendly & affordable car.
  13. Tata Sumo, Tata Hexa and Tata Grande are 7 seater car. Also Tata Motors offers fuel efficient and affordable cars which can be right choice for big families.
  14. vehicles234

    Getting a first car

    Hey I would recommend you to buy the new Tata Manza the most affordable car in Philippines. It offers a perfect combination of power and technology & luxury, the car is loaded with features such as, dual airbags for safety, tilt-adjustable steering, Bluetooth, hands-free phone connectivity and a 2-DIN music system, comfortable ergonomically seats, in-cabin noise cancellation and much more. I think that’s exactly what you are searching for.
  15. vehicles234

    Best teen car around 8k?

    I would also recommend you to go for a Toyota. That's the right Choice.