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  1. if you're into racing, i'll say its the evo 9. if you're into driving a big family around, i'll say the toyota alphard or if you're going for a luxurious lifestyle, i'll say the audi A6. personally, i like how this reviewer introduces the car as it gives me a clearer understanding of the car functions and its perfect for first time car buyers. http://www.clutched.com.sg/video/44/mitsubishi-evo-ix-review---clutched-se4-ep5 http://www.clutched.com.sg/video/43/toyota-alphard-vellfire-review---clutched-se4ep4 http://www.clutched.com.sg/video/47/audi-a6-review---clutched-se4-ep6 hope it helps!
  2. my fav will always be the mitsubishi evo 9 http://www.clutched.com.sg/video/44/mitsubishi-evo-ix-review---clutched-se4-ep5
  3. For mitsubishi, nothing beats the EVO 9 http://www.clutched.com.sg/video/44/mitsubishi-evo-ix-review---clutched-se4-ep5 And evo is what makes mitsubishi special, other than that, mitsubishi is just another normal car manufacturer.
  4. if you are going to drive a big family around, you can consider the toyota alphard http://www.clutched.com.sg/video/43/toyota-alphard-vellfire-review---clutched-se4ep4
  5. How about trying the evo IX? http://www.clutched.com.sg/video/44/mitsubishi-evo-ix-review---clutched-se4-ep5 hopefully this video will give you a better idea of my car.
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