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  1. Dear folks Looking to purchase quality set of retainer clips similar to this one https://www.amazon.com/240-Pcs-Kit-Assortment-Universal/dp/B06XVC5H3K?ref_=nav_signin&th=1 I have seen many via my google search But Which one are made of premium nylon quality material with heavy duty construction for durability, which is strong, robust and vibration resistant ? Thanks
  2. Dear folk I have attached a multi USB charger to my car dashboard using a quality sticky Velcro hook and loop as per the attached photos. https://imgur.com/a/EohQLWO It doesn't last a month till it gets popped up specially when the car compartment is hot during summer. I don't want to use a super glue as it would damage the dashboard. Any other suggestions that can help velcro to stay in its position permanently ? Thx
  3. Dear Experts There are so many glue out there and I am confused to which on to choose to repair this tail light for Nissan Sentra https://imgur.com/a/wUcUXF3 Can you please share your experience and any trick I need to be aware when I do repair Thanks
  4. Dear Experts I bought Sealey VS921 IR and RF Key Fob Tester same in the link below : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sealey-VS921-Key-Fob-Tester/dp/B000ROAR9I And I read the instructions, when I press on On/Off button to switch on the device ,RF indicator keeps blinking which I guess it shouldn't otherwise how do you test a key fob ? Please don't assume RF interference,,,because I wouldn't be able to use it for test as interference every where I found similar to mine but different brand at a local lock smith he has one that RF starts blinking when he presses on a key fob button, otherwise it won't keep blinking,,,I have seen it as he was replacing a battery for me I went to two different Jaycar shops which they have the same tester under different name and different color , their testers do the same as mine http://www.jaycar.com.au/Test-%26-Measurement/Electrical-Testers/Non-Contact/IR-RF-Signal-Tester/p/QP2230 Thanks
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