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  1. See my situation is that I'm trying to get a vehicle that is big enough for my family right now we are in a small car and I have been trying to go to different places to get one and I have bad credit with a repo on my credit and I am in school full time and I have two jobs just trying to get in to a good car and right now I have a car but it's to small and I have a loan out on it and I owe like $3000 left on it but I really need a bigger car and I would be willing to trade my car if some one can pay it off and I also have $400 for a down payment and payments no more than 350 per month and I gross over $3000 per month and I am trying to rebuild my credit so if anyone can help please let me know something and my phone number is 7574179920 and my name is Nate and if I don't answer please leave a message and I'll get right back and I am so serious about this and if any one can help me please call me immediately thanks and have a blessed day.
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