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  1. dude, you're back!!! how's it going?
  2. Hehe... Caterham is cheaper than anything out there and outperforms them all. What's the Fireblade though? I gotta say that I've never heard of it. How does it compare to the Superlight R500?
  3. Blig, if you haven't done so, please check your PM's.
  4. Corvette Z06 w/ 405 hp (these are Car & Driver figures) 0-60: 4.0 seconds 1/4 mile: 12.4 skidpad: 0.96g 70-0: 160 feet
  5. A little warning to keep some civility in this argument, please. Whether or not someone is a newbie here has no relevance.
  6. Good call... I don't know how people say that torque means everything, because it doesn't. Horsepower is the only accurate way to measure what an engine puts out.
  7. Well, it depends on what aspect of handling you're looking at. The problem with saying good handling is that it's rather loose, because there are so many aspects to handling. The skidpad is basically pure tire grip. Suspension design isn't a huge issue here, and neither is the weight of the car. The slalom, on the other hand, measures the car's ability to change directions (which is, in most cases, what handling is about). It has more of an application in real life because sudden steering movements are part of driving, and also what separates good-handling cars from average cars. A car with a high skidpad figure but a low slalom number means that it can corner very well if driven very smoothly, but if you were to do a sudden steering motion, it is likely to spin out. As far as weight goes, heavier cars do generally tend to handle worse, but there are plenty of cars which are heavier than a Camaro and do handle better. For example, there's the M5, Diablo, 550 Maranello, Supra, and 3000GT to name a few.
  8. Slalom can be misleading... the Volkswagen Gol (not a Golf, the Gol is about the size of a Polo) pulls over 0.9 g's on a skidpad.
  9. i tried to roll your mom over once but it didn't work. but the cool thing is that she has so much blubber that nowadays i just book a pool and she floats, and i can use whatever position whenever i want to:)
  10. So what's their point? AutoWeek took the car to Mars to test?
  11. Liberty rolls over in AutoWeek test Last month, a 2wd Jeep Liberty became the first vehicle to roll over during a slalom test conducted by AutoWeek, a sister publication to Automotive News. Jeep's newest model rolled over twice at about 40 mph toward the end of AutoWeek's unique hard-braking, hard-steering handling test. An accident investigator hired by Chrysler attributed the rollover to a combination of a variation in the friction of the pavement and the aggressive driving. Chrysler says such conditions don't happen in the real world. Concluded AutoWeek in this week's edition: "The incident demonstrates yet again that SUVs handle differently than do cars at the limits. It makes us nervous to see such SUVs driven as they typically are, like normal compact cars."
  12. If that really was the case, then brian's "porses suck and they look ugly too" wouldn't have generated two hundred replies.
  13. Well, that's hard to say, considering that the New Beetle and PT Cruiser both took off in terms of sales.
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