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  1. Rob101

    2014 lamborghini gallardo

    I think that neither one. The 2010 lamborghini murcielago is the top Lamborghini model in my opinion.
  2. Rob101

    First car for commuting to college?

    I bought a 2004 Hyudai Accent for college.
  3. Rob101

    Are you a fan of game of thrones?

    Awesome show and binged on all the seasons online just a year ago, so now it feels crazy to have to wait a full week for one episode at a time hahaha. Looking forward to it though!
  4. Rob101

    Formula 1 Car Racing

    This is probably the most demanding and taxing kind of racing for a driver due to all of the gforces pulling the body while driving.
  5. I would suggest Honda because I have always been witness to the kind of durability and solid build that comes from Honda.
  6. Rob101

    Cheapest car rental service

    I think car rentals are good due to theirpolicies and regulations and not because of the rental cost, which can be low, but their terms of services and policies could be terrible.
  7. hahahaha that is what I call serving someone a spoonfull of justice.
  8. Rob101

    What's Better: Mustang Or Camaro?

    That was an awesome video. I would be hard pressed to choose one, but if I had to I would go for the Mustang.
  9. Rob101

    Hey guys

    Currently I own a 2014 corolla and I'm very happy witht his vehicle, but I do want to purchase another car from my wife to use and I am looking for suggestions. This seems like a great community and I look forward to some good talks!
  10. Rob101

    Best place to learn racing basics?

    I never thought of that, but I guess I would like to learn the basics on how fast you can take a curve on a regular sedan vehicle like nascar or how fast can you go when you are about to take a very sharp turn. Those basics should be posted in a website I suppose. I would love to learn some basics before I go out there and give this a try.
  11. Rob101

    The Quater Mile VS post

    Nice idea for a topic. I will also contribute my favorite races. Tesla S P85D vs Ferrari F12.
  12. I need to find a website that provides video explanations of the basic for racing. I'm sure that teher are many people who are great vity drivers, but they are far from prepared for racing and I would love to learn the basics.
  13. I'm being offered to purchase a Renault Megane 2010 and I wanted to know what you guys think of these particular vehicles? Are they reliable? are the spares expensive?