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  1. Can you please tell the location where you stay? Depending on that we can provide you the suggestions for new cars and also used cars.
  2. The sedans are more common, and you should be able to find dozens in your area. I widened my search to 50 miles from me, and got a number of TDi wagons. The wagons have a lot of carrying capacity, are comfortable on long drives and tend to get 45+ mpg all day long.
  3. It's a straight 6, not a V6. Things you';ll have to watch out for are ignition coils, AC controller, water pump, alternator, and window regulators. All of which are fairly cheap parts and easy to work on. Oil changes you can do yourself as the filter is easy to reach (up in the engine compartment). Should cost about $25 to do the oil change whether you do it yourself or have someone do it for you. Brake pads are about $50 front or rear, and rotors are about $200 per set. And they are easy to DIY.
  4. No, volvo has cheap performance, they have good gas mileage, rearwheel drive(200 700 900), and they kick hondas
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