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  1. I like the Performance numbers. The top speed is rated at 199 mph (320 km/h) while the acceleration is impressive. According to the maker, this particular edition of the Gallardo takes 3.4 seconds to reach the 60 mph mark (100 km/h).
  2. What do you guys think about the Lamborghini Gallardo? Is this the best model of the vehicle that has been created by the company or do you feel that the aventador is a better machine?
  3. What do you guys think of this top ten?
  4. If anyone has more footage of these two beasts going one on one go ahead and post it!
  5. I have been watching the show since it started and I have to say I can't wait for the new season to start to find out if John Snow is going to be resurrected.
  6. Formula 1 is the greatest thing that ever happened to racing!
  7. Anything above 200k is way too much. Unless you have the time and the spares to get that car running smooth you should avoid a purchase like that.
  8. Just do some research online and you are sure to find many places that do this. The more you search the more affordable options you will find.
  9. I would agree with a Mustang much more than a Honda. The structure does look very much like that of a Ford Mustang. Like amtrader mentioned, if this is for a serious case, you might want to get the police involved.
  10. This is interesting ineed. Obvioulsy there are still many things that will not be properly diagnosed in some cars even if they have this device, but general diagnostics should be a great leap for older vehicle owners.
  11. 90's Volvos had their charm but I think that once you have issues like this it all becomes an avalanche of problems that you can't seem to correct easily. With that said, any mechanic that has true knowledge of those vehicles could do a great job.
  12. There are just too many variables to keep in mind if you want to be able to learn how to race properly. The kind of racing circuit, the kind of vehicle you will be driving and many other factors come into play. You would have to be more cpecific, but even then, the only way to learn is to experiece it, not with a website.
  13. This is meant to be a section for videos on quater mile vs races between sports cars and even between commercial standard vehicles. Here is the first one:
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