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  1. Did you take over someones Lien ? Or Did you get the ownership Paper work. I've transfered vehicles into my name with no paper work at all, what I did was get a Signed statement from the last owner. Probably no matter what you will need somethen signed by the last owner, otherwise you really have no proof that you didn't just take the vehicle.
  2. You guys must be very very good at deal hunting. Otherwise you guys must have no common sense. My list much less impressive. About 8 years driving. 2008-14 2002 cadillac deville - Sold because of the maintenance costs 2012-12 1995 Nissan Sentra - Temporarily drove it and got it all certed up for a gift to a friend 2013-15 1994 F150 XL - Long box - Still own it 2013-15 2000 Chev cavalier - bought it for winter beater sold it as is, frame broke on next owner 2014-15 1989 Firebird Formula - Still own it That's it for me, and if I had the money to buy somethen less than 3 years old, I would keep said vehicle for atleast 5 year span. Regards, Keith
  3. Post pictures if you can. If the damage is mostly removeable panels like fenders, you can buy cheaper aftermarket panels. You can also call around the local wreckers, see if they have the same car as yours in their lot. If so you may be able to buy the panels / parts off a wrecker. Lastly you will find from time to time cars that have things like blown engines, ruined transmissions, or say rear end collisions that people are private sale the car ass is for Parting. I can tell you that when my brother wrecked his impalla (not sure on the year), I was able to find a parts car easily. Before you do anything, you should have someone who knows what they're doing look over the car to see if there is any frame / structural damage. You can't really weld unibody very well, and you may find that under the fender structure has been crushed. If you have some mechanical skill, you should be able to take the body parts off and on your self. If not, do you have friends that have mechanical skill? Once you've swapped the parts you will probably end up with a car that has multi colored panels, paint is reasonably cheap, the biggest issue is finding someone reasonably good and reasonably cheap to paint the panels. Lastly never believe the quotes / numbers insurance gives you. They always under value your car, and the mechanics/bodyshops that take on insurance work always jack up prices. Call around to a number of shops, look at reviews, the phone is your friend. I can't tell you if you can affoard another new car or not, only you will know that, but I imagine that with the insurance hike for being at fault, and with the required insurance on a new car, that even if you can affoard the monthly payment, you may have to pay through the nose for insurance. 2012 isn't exactly old by any standard. If the damage isn't that bad, it's probably worth fixing, or just living with. Regards, Keith
  4. Hello, About me, I've owned a 2002 Caddy, an 89 Firebird, A 94 F150, a 95 Nissan, 2000 cavalier. I find my truck ageing the slow death of old metal. I'd love a rocken 4 wheel drive truck, but it's not in the budget and can't fit where I park. I hate SUVs. I looked up all the available car / station wagon All Wheel Drive vehicles. - Looks like Subaru is one of the most cost effective options. The car payment for a 2016 over 60 months ($425 CAD) is a little too much for me. I was considering a used Subaru either Legacy or Imprezza. Any complains? maintenance issues? Problems? Reasons to not buy one ? I hear owners love them and usually don't sell them. I found some from 2005 to 2009 range that I think I can afforad. Please let me know/ Comment. Note - the roads are dreadful here, in need of repaving and leveling desperatly, I also have to drive highway, and through cold winter conditions. (Slush, Snow, ICE, black ICE, wet, Heavy snow, ETC) Regards, Keith
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