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  1. ^ thank you ! Appreciate your help
  2. I have bad credit and thinking of a second car, I really like the C-series but if I have to get one what would be the best deal ? a slightly used or brand new ? I like traditional sedan , if I pay half down will I qualify for loan for the rest of the car , if I have bad credit ?
  3. I'm 37 and I have bad credit , I got a chevy impala 2012 and unfortunately got into a accident it was not major but had several bumps and bruises on the fendor and the body.It is totally drivable but looks really ugly, since my insurance had lapsed I cannot get it repaired without significant cost with some serious autobody work needed.I have racked up 75k miles in 3 yrs but otherwise the car is running flawlessly. I would like a nicer car but I don't think with my poor credit I can get another auto loan. So my questions are should I bite the bullet and get the impala repaired out of pocket ? and if so are there cheaper options than a typical autobody shop ? like mechanic /autobody students repairing the autobody ? it does not have to be perfect.Since I already have 75k on it I'm hesitant to sink more money into and plus I still owe 16 k on this impala due to very high interest. Car isn't worth much so I cant sell it Trade in will also tack this price on to the new vehicle making it really expensive How long do impalas last 200 K miles ? or less ? Is there any way out of this situation ? Please help
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