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  1. I know it sounds like an awful trade, but I was going to try to get some opinions from you guys. I had a 1999 ford ranger that I received from my uncle passing away. He didn't always take good care of is vehicles. The trucks frame is pretty rusty.. Started to become a lot more than surface rust before I traded it. The whole abs system didn't work on it which you usually need if your vehicle has the feature to pass inspection. The transfer case wouldn't shift into 4x4 even after I replace the electric motor. It also shifted really rough, like it would kick you back sometimes while shifting, the gears would also whine (not sure how bad that is). The Volkswagon has no problems at all. No rust, it's only been owned by one older guy who drove most of the miles on the highway. I bought the car fax to make sure everything was okay on it. I went over the car fairly well and couldn't find any problems. It's also a 5 speed so I'm learning how to drive stick. The turbo has recently been redone as well. It took a brand new sticker yesterday. What do you think of this trade?
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